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Lynn Casper of Homoground has started a super cool virtual coworking space for queer creatives looking to boost productivity in a community environment; FOCUS/TIME meets three times a week via Zoom, and it’s totally free to register and attend. (Although donations are certainly welcome!)

Here’s the weekly schedule:

Tuesdays 1pm-3pm ET
Thursdays 1pm-3pm ET
Saturdays 11am-1pm ET

What can you expect? At the beginning of each session, everyone will do brief intros (who they are, where they are and what they’re working on), and then there will be two blocks of focus time lasting about 40-50 minutes each with a short break in between. At the end, everyone will recap what they accomplished, and if there are people who want to stick around and socialize, they can do that.

“So far, we’re a group of queer podcasters, artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, dog walkers, producers… the list keeps growing each week! By showing up, we commit to designating time and energy to our most important work. It’s the perfect place to work on projects you’ve been putting off or to start the projects that have been incubating in your mind. This is a space for you to focus on the things you want to do but struggle to do,” Casper writes.

Great concept, and definitely worth checking out if you’re craving structure and queer interaction!