Cheat Sheet to the Ultimate D.C. Summer
BYT at large | Jul 3, 2013 | 9:00AM |

We’re about to make your lives a whole little bit easier. As our faithful readers will tell you, we here at BYT love posting guides for you to breeze yourself into lazy, gluttonous, yet tasteful oblivion. To do this, time after time we venture out into the cold (actually, ridiculously hot) world and weed through the mediocrity so that we can bring you the best D.C. has to offer. We tell you where to eat, where to hang, where to party, and even what to wear to all of these things. We know, we know. You’re welcome.

EATS/DRINKS – Because you’re going to need a whole lot of energy to handle of the summery awesomeness.

LOOKIN’ GOOD – Because every time you step out, the heat index should rise at least 20 points.

ALL THE ACTIVITIES – Because being bored is for suckers.

  • Outdoor Movie Guide – Nothing says summer like a blanket in the grass and a movie under the stars, which is why we’ve got you covered with the District’s best outdoor screenings. From classics and blockbusters to antiheroes and the pro picks for date night, do it up right with a free flick.
  • Outdoor DC adventures – “But I’ve already seeeeeeeeen the monuments.” Don’t be a chump. Make the most of this fine city with hidden sights and activities–no excuses not to spend your evenings out and about exploring like the G.D. adventurer you are.
  • Spring/Summer Theatre Guide – Add some class to your hot summer nights (and escape the heat in a cool theatre) with our top picks of the best festivals, dramas, comedies, musicals and more. Think theatre is stuffy? Guess again. We’ve got the lowdown on “Rocky Horror,” “Book of Mormon,” and new works you’re guaranteed to love so stop being so judgy.
  • Free Outdoor Concert Guide – FREE. MUSIC. Now that we’ve got you outfitted for outdoor tunes and festivals, slip on some shades and hit these free shows for total sonic bliss.
  • Spring/Summer Fine Art Guide – Let’s face it, living in and around D.C. can be overwhelming when it comes to our selection of (almost always free) art. We know, wah, wah. Well we’re here to help you take advantage of it with the best museum exhibits, independent galleries, and awesome art events.

ALL THE TRENDS – Because there’s no better way to beat the heat than being cool and in the know.

  • Spring/Summer Film Guide – We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again–escaping the heat with a movie is THE way to go. (Bless you, A/C units of the world.) Looking for the best new releases? How about Movies That Seem So Bad They Must Be Good (in that meta way)? Maybe it’s so hot and you’re so lazy that you can’t even budge from bed; don’t worry for even a second–the best of Netflix is here for you, too.Oh, and if you CAN get yourself out of the house, we recommended some incredible D.C. movie events, too. You’re welcome.
  • Songs of Summer – What’s the best way to keep the summer spirit alive through the hottest of hot–and in our hearts in the coldest of winter? SUMMER SONGS. We weighed in on our favorite summer jams, throwbacks and the “IT” songs of 2013 all for your listening/keep-that-warm-weather-dream-alive pleasure.