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We loved playing MASH when we went to camp, but it was always about boring stuff like “will I have a job?” or “will The Rock recognize me as his one true love and marry me so we can run away to our mansion in Cabo?”

To get ready for our upcoming End-Of-Summer Camp after hours party, we’ve put together our own version of MASH for campers – we’re calling it CHATS.

If it has (understandably) been a few years since you’ve played MASH here is a quick breakdown of the rules:
1. Count the rings on the tree to get your lucky number
2. Count through each of the options (counter-clockwise) and mark off the option when you reach the lucky number
3. Continue counting around the page, skipping marked-off options until you only have one option left in each category
4. Use the final options to fill in the blanks for your CHATS story

Your CHATS Story: You are (Transportation) around (National Park) when you stop at your (Lodging) to eat a quick snack of (Meal). You hear something growling behind you, when suddenly your friend (Partner) is attacked and eaten by (Number of Encounters) bears. The End.

Does your CHATS story make you want to go camping? Well, you’re in luck – grab your tickets now to join us on Friday, September 20th for End-Of-Summer Camp. Tickets are going fast – way fast – faster than the numerous bears that are now chasing you! Get your tickets! RUN!

End-Of-Summer Camp
Friday September 20th
Smithsonian American Art Museum
800 G ST NW Washington DC 20004