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Have you found yourself longing for the ubiquitous rainbow flags and palpable queer joy of last month? SAME. While we might not all be free (schedule-wise or wallet-wise) to up and jet set this summer, I DO think that if you have the means, chasing Pride is definitely worth considering. (And yes, chasing Pride is totally a thing, which I somewhat-embarrassingly only realized last summer when I accidentally found myself in the thick of Copenhagen Pride during a three-day pit stop in Denmark. IT WAS AWESOME.) Seeing a city through an LGBTQ+ lens is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to travel! So, where can you get in a dose of international R&R AND continue the Pride party? Here are my top picks in order of occurrence: 

Berlin Pride, July 26th-28th

You’re gonna have to act fast to jump on this one, but Berlin Pride (aka Berlin CSD) is NEXT WEEKEND and sounds ultra-fun; not only will they be honoring 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, but this just so happens to be Berlin CSD’s 40th anniversary! The parade will take place on Saturday the 27th, and starts at 12pm at Kurfürstendamm and finishes at 2pm at Brandenburger Tor, but the whole weekend will be full o’ great stuff including parties, LGBTQ+ film screenings and more!

Belfast Pride, July 26th-August 4th

Northern Ireland’s capital city will celebrate Pride starting next weekend, too, but you’re mainly gonna want to be there the following weekend, ‘cause Saturday August 3rd is the official Pride Day ft. the parade and all that jazz. Parade kicks off at 1pm and will proceed down Royal Avenue and Donegall Place towards City Hall, though the official route is still under review since there was a massive turnout last year, and they want to make sure everybody stays safe. 

Amsterdam Pride, July 27th-August 4th

I am positively DYING to go to Amsterdam, and this seems like a p. excellent excuse, no? Again, there’s a big lead-up during the week, but on Saturday the 3rd THEY HAVE A FLIPPIN’ CANAL PARADE, WHAT?! 80 decorated boats sail down the Prinsengracht starting at 12:30pm at Oosterdok (near Central Station) going towards Westerdok. Additionally, there are like, a bazillion street parties happening, and overall, it just sounds like the best time ever. 

Brighton Pride, August 2nd-4th

I feel like Brighton isn’t someplace prioritized by people traveling to London, but the seaside town is very reasonably close, and their Pride festivities sound dope! The parade starts at Hove Lawns at 11am on Saturday the 3rd, and it’ll make its way to the main festival site where Kylie Minogue is set to headline! (It doesn’t get much gayer than that!)

Prague Pride, August 5th-11th

This is indeed a full-up week of Pride programming, y’all! I have never been to Prague before, and this sounds like a rad lens through which to view the city. The crown jewel is Saturday, which is when the parade is happening, but also, can we please talk about how there’s gonna be a big gay Ferris wheel? Yes, in addition to parties and picnics and panels, the Pride Eye is totally a thing they have. I CAN’T.

Reykjavik Pride, August 8th-17th

Reykjavik swiftly stole my heart in 2015, and I’m constantly thinking of going back to just flippin’ relax and go swimming in one of the local outdoor heated community pools. Pride sounds like a pretty good excuse to do it! The parade is on Saturday the 17th at 2pm, going from Hallgrímskirkja church down Skólavörðustígur, Bankastræti, Lækjargata and Fríkirkjuvegur, and concluding at Sóleyjargata, near Hljómskálagarður, where an outdoor concert is set to take place. Additionally, there are queer cruises, queer stand-up showcases, drag brunches and competitions…it’s chockablock, frens. And this one is also likely the most financially feasible outside the Canadian Pride celebrations; I checked Google Flights today and there are flights for under $500 RT out of NYC, and under $600 RT out of DC. (THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!)

Montreal Pride, August 8th-18th

Montreal is home to my favorite queer web series of all time, Féminin/Féminin, and while I’ve been meaning to get up there and check out what everyone keeps telling me is a SUPER COOL town, I just haven’t gotten my act together! IS THE TIME NOW?! This year’s Pride performers include Ciara and Margaret Cho, plus there’ll be plenty of parties and (of course) a big ol’ parade on Sunday the 18th ft. 300K+ spectators! And since Canada’s our neighbor, flights are expectedly cheaper than, say, other more afield destinations // flights from DC and NYC can be found (as of this writing) for under $400 RT.

Copenhagen Pride, August 13th-19th

I cannot begin to tell you how obsessed I am with Copenhagen, and how serendipitous it was that I was there last summer ON ACCIDENT during Pride! I was only there for the kickoff at the start, but it was still the most fun! (I probably spent too much money on alcohol, but the novelty of being able to legally drink outdoors just doesn’t wear off!) The parade will take place this year on Saturday the 18th, starting at 1pm at Frederiksberg Town Hall, continuing down Frederiksberg Allé, Vesterbrogade and Hammerichsgade and ending at Copenhagen City Hall Square. But as I say, there’s a whole week of stuff to do! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

Buenos Aires Pride, November 2nd

The first and only time I went to BsAs Pride I wasn’t even out yet, how about that! That was also like, a decade ago, and the festivities have only gotten bigger and better since! If you’re looking to warm up in November, this is most certainly the spot for you – Argentine summers are positively BOILIN’. The fun begins at Plaza de Mayo around 1pm, and the parade itself starts at 6pm from there, making its way up the 11 blocks of Avenida de Mayo up to Plaza del Congreso. Buenos Aires is V. CLOSE 2 MY HEART, so if you end up going, PLEASE TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!!

What’d I miss? Let us know in the comments, and/or shout it out to @BYT or @BYTNYC on Twitter!