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We’re in the midst of our best of 2018 compiling. This week we’re working on 2018 DC Food Round Up – By The Food Writers and Best Thing I Ate While Traveling in 2018. Earlier today the 2018: The Beer in Review went up. Last week we published Best Desserts in DC 2018 and Best Vegetarian Dishes of 2018. We’re pointing this out because Iron Gate recently celebrated their fifth anniversary with a reunion ‘party.’ Looking at the talent at Iron Gate and the talent that has worked at Iron Gate, the restaurant continues to make a large impact on the best of D.C. dining.

It’s mostly pointless to recap a small food event but here’s what you may like to know: Iron Gate’s small food events are as well done as dining at Iron Gate. When we say small, we mean small, at no point did it feel overcrowded. No line was longer than 5 minute wait. The food, made by current Iron Gate staff and former staff like Seth Wells (Rose’s Luxury), Christos Miltiadou (Little Pearl) and Zam Manning (A Rake’s Progress) (her Croquembouche was definitely the most visually appealing dish of the night), was something to write home about. But you were most likely not there. So why even write about this? Because there are lessons to learn, whether you’re a restaurant, dinner party host or someone that just wants to have a better experience eating.


We’ve rave about Iron Gate as the perfect date location. We will still do this when we’re writing about Valentine’s Day. But what makes it’s a great place to spend time with someone you like makes it a great restaurant. It feels intimate in each of its three spaces. It consistently serves excellent food that’s good for sharing. The staff is second to none. I’ve drank wine I’ve never considered and left with recommendations I’ve taken and used in liquor stores for months. I could go on. I won’t go on.

We’re using last week’s Iron Gate fifth anniversary celebration as a reminder their Feast of the Seven Fishes special menu continues through December 23. You don’t ever really need a special occasion or menu to justify dining at Iron Gate, but if you feel like a holiday related reason might do the job, there you go.