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It’s National Hot Dog Day, aka the most wonderful day of the year! DC has some strong options for carryout and delivery (and in some cases, patio dining), so if you feel as passionately about frankfurters as I do, you might consider some of the following classic (and not-so-classic, depending on where you’re from) options to chow down on today. (Just remember to wash your hands, wear a mask, and TIP YOUR SERVERS AND DELIVERY PEOPLE WELL! IT IS STILL A PANDEMIC!)

Dog Haus

Hot dogs in Hawaiian rolls? HELL YEAH. You can get the standard all-beef dog if you’re a traditionalist, or you can sub it out for any number of creative sausages to take that next-level bun up an even higher notch. The best part? If you download their app, you can score a FREE DOG! That’s some serious National Hot Dog Day value. (Hint: tip extra, y’all.)

7904 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda

Pop’s SeaBar

You might look like a goon if you don’t order some seafood alongside your Jersey dog, but we can’t blame you if you get too full off the monster toppings, which include Taylor Pork Roll. Reserve patio seating in advance, or grab curbside pickup to go.

1817 Columbia Road NW DC
Daily: noon-9pm

Ben’s Chili Bowl

I mean…a total icon. Do I even need to elaborate? Chili dog HEAVEN. Curbside pickup and delivery options available.

U Street: 11am to 7pm Sunday to Thursday | 11am to 9pm Friday & Saturday
H Street: 11am – 7pm Sun to Thurs, 11am – 8pm Friday & Saturday
Horseshoe Casino Baltimore: Open  |  DCA: Closed  |  Nats Park/FedEx Field: Closed

Mikko Nordic Fine Foods

Listen, I understand that there may be some heated debates about which American city does the best hot dog, but (and you can fight me on this) all of them pale in comparison to the mastery of a Nordic dog, be it Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian, or in our case, Swedish; Mikko does one complete with skagen (Swedish shrimp salad) piled over “a comically large hot dog”, just like you’d find in Stockholm. 

1636 R. Street NW DC
Monday-Thursday: 8am-11pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
Sunday: 9am-11pm

The Berliner

Staying in ye olde Euro zone, we’ve got a great German option in The Berliner’s extensive sausage menu; whether you go for currywurst, a brat, a frankfurter or anything in between, you pretty much can’t go wrong. Reservations are required for IRL visits, and tables are limited to 1.5 hours with $25pp minimum, but that should be plenty of time to knock back a few beers ‘n dogs.

3401 Water Street NW DC
Weds & Thurs: 4pm-9pm
Fri : 12pm-10pm
Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 11am-9 PM


And now for an Asian twist! Hatoba serves up a mean Mapo Dog ft. pork and beef hot dog topped with a spicy pork ‘n tofu gravy, or a Yakisoba Dog ft. pork and beef hot dog topped with shoyu yakisoba noodles, pickled ginger and kewpie mayo. Both served on Martin’s potato buns. YUM DOT COM. Order carryout, or hit up the patio!

300 Tingey Street SE DC
FRIDAY & SATURDAY || 12PM to 9pm

Nim Ali Shukos & Antojitos

And lastly (but not leastly), let’s move into Central American territory, yeah? ‘Cause Guatemalan street dogs ARE WHAT’S UP. Totally loaded up with guac and all the fixins. HERE FOR IT. Order up some delivery; dial 508-395-5672!

Where are YOU headed? Did we miss your favorite spot? TELL US!!!