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Memorial Day is a time for burgers and BBQs and hot dogs and French fries. With the explosion of the Impossible Burger we all know where to get a good veggie burger, but what about a veggie dog? Your favorite veggie food writer has done all the research so you can track down the best veggie dogs this Memorial Day.


Best Beyond Dog

Dog Haus Bethesda Biergarten

Impossible Meat has an arch enemy and it’s called Beyond Meat. Beyond makes burgers, but also sausages. Damn good sausages that come in different flavors. At Dog Haus Bethesda Biergarten, you can sample a beyond hot Italian sausage in a buttery bun with avocado, tomatoes, crispy onions and a creamy basil aioli or a beyond bratwurst, also in a warm bun with sauerkraut, caramelized onions, spicy brown mustard. These dogs look small but they are super meaty, and the toppings make them extra delish. I love the one with avocado and crispy onions; its creamy and meaty and crispy all at once. Try for $8.


Best Food Truck Dog


These plant-based dogs are only available through Swizzler’s food trucks and at various farmer’s markets around the city, but these dogs are so creative they are worth the search. You can have any of their hot dog concoctions with a field roast apple and sage veggie dog. That includes the babe froman, with yellow mustard and onions and bold cucumber and herb relish, as well as the jersey dawg, with house-fermented kraut, sweet onion, deli mustard.  For something less traditional, get the feast mode, where the dog is covered in caramelized onions, whipped goat cheese, candied jalapeños, and black pepper honey. All veggie dogs cost between $7-8.

Best Chili Dog

Ben’s Chili Bowl

We all go to Ben’s for their chili and their hearty veggie chili is arguably best in the city. What’s even better? Having their spicy chili over a grilled veggie dog in a fluffy bun with mustard and onions. It’s rich and meaty and for $4.40 it’s a steal. Wash it down with a shake.


Best Veggie Veggie Dog 

Bubbie’s Plant Burgers & Fizz

At Bubbies the No Diggity features a grilled carrot, drizzled with ketchup and mustard and sprinkled with vegan cheese. The carrot gives a great crunch, and as well as a smoky element from the grilling. It’s sold for $7 and totally delicious.


Best Topped Dog

Haute Dogs

At Haute Dogs, you can get your veggie dog dressed up in over a dozen different versions, with a bevy of fun and exciting toppings. I love the bombshell with mango relish, as well as the bahn mi with jalapenos, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro and sriracha mayo. The variety of sides at Haute Dogs is also awesome. From garlic fries to rosemary parmesan fries to tater tots to onion rings and mac cheese, there is something for everyone no matter how what kind of hot dog side you prefer. All veggie dog versions are available for $6.75.


Best Mexican Dog


Bareburger also uses the Beyond Sausage for its plant-based hot dog option, but they serve it Mexican style with beyond bratwurst guacamole and spicy pico de gallo on a pretzel bun. It is best with an order of waffle fries. At $11.99 this is the most expensive veggie dog of the bunch.

Best Airport Dog 


As you can imagine, the veggie dogs at DC-3, located in Dulles Airport, are served with a travel theme. There;s a Chicago Dog, served on a poppy seed bun with sport peppers, yellow mustard, tomato, dill pickles, neon relish, raw onions, and celery salt, a Philly Cheese Whiz Dog, where the veggie dog comes in a butter-grilled Frankfurt loaf, smothered in Cheese Whiz and sautéed onions and more. Eating one of these is not the worst way to kill time waiting for your flight. Your hot dog will steal $5.29 from your travel budget.