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by: rebekah. the weekly obsessive.

if you think that jones soda was the first company to come out with unusually flavored beverages

than baby!
you thought wrong!!!

cel-ray: a kosher carbonated beverage similar to ginger ale but less sweet and with a slight celery salt after taste
because it is a celery flavored soda cel-ray get it? get it?)

ive been a loyal and devout addict from the first sip.
like buddhism, for me, it is a way of life

that being said
even though it was touted in the 30s as the jewish champagne, i would never EVER dream of replacing my beloved cooks my sunday mimosas.

drink it loud, drink it proud.
conveniently located at the “so’s your mom” deli down the block.

it feels good to be part of something perfect.

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