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There is a cool new event space in town, the brainchild of Composite Co, in collaboration with Washington Project For The Arts, and it was built with the intention of being almost impossible to explain. Vaulte X-XII is, “a hype fashion brand, pop-up shop, publication, and event series to examine branding’s role in glamorizing the consumption of otherwise uninteresting products.” So, basically, anything can happen there (there being 1921 8th street NW), now through March 23. All signs point to “anything” being pretty interesting stuff, starting with a Cautious Clay DJ set/after party after his sold out show this weekend, so we sent a photographer to capture the action. Enjoy.

For more info on Vaulte X-XII – check out more information here and @vaulte.xxii

p.s. check out our cool, recent Cautious Clay interview here. And a super classic 2014 throwback when we premiered one of this songs

all photos: Mariah Miranda