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Carly Rae did it, you guys. May 21st will forever be known as Dedicated Side B Day, and I am V. GRATEFUL DOT COM. Leave it to the queen of the Party For One to bring us a much-needed batch o’ QUARANTUNES!

Listening to these twelve tracks, my heart feels like a can of La Croix – EFFERVESCENT! QUENCHED! REFRESHED!

Seriously, so many bops, I don’t even know where to begin. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT CHOOSE A FAVORITE. (Although if we’re going purely by pandemic appropriateness, “Solo” is P. UP THERE.)

We do not deserve Carly Rae, but we DO deserve THIS as a spot of brightness in the midst of quarantined gloom. (See also: dear Covid-19, Gabriel Garcia Marquez called and wants his 100 Years of Solitude back.)

Am I kind of bummed that I will not be experiencing these songs at a backyard BBQ, or in the back of an Uber with the windows down, or on the beach, or etc.? Yes, 100%. But if anybody taught us about the power of a Party For One, it’s homegirl.


Now join my cult and listen to DSB forever: