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Can I Get A…
A bi-weekly column dedicated to finding the best food and foodstuffs in DC. According to us.

hey you bright young things…

it’s 46 degrees out which means it’s time to replace your fruit smoothy and whey protein booster (you know that shit doesn’t taste good, you’re just gonna be in a bathing suit in a minute…) with some delicious, fatty, whole milk hot chocolate and don’t-be-stingy-on-the-whipped-cream-and-chocolate-and-caramel-topping-thankyouverymuch (there is so much to love about the oversized sweater dress trend).

it’s time to VOTE for your favorite place to get a hot chocolate in chocolate city. email me at bytme(at)brightestyoungthings.com with your preference of one of the three below.

do you take smoke, attitude or both with your drink at sparky’s?

would you rather wrestle a grad student for a seat at tryst?

i don’t spend enough time in Clarendon or SE to know anything about murky, but i’ve heard it’s good.
(click on the names to check out the websites.)

if you go somewhere else to get your favorite cuppa chocolate, send me a write-in. but vote for one of the above, too.

send your vote to: bytme(at)brightestyoungthings.com.

thanks kids.
…off to get a cup. extra whip.

bec, your jaded palate;
jaded so you don’t have to be