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Yesterday, Mashable posted the thought provoking article “Can you be a feminist and like rough sex?” We’re here to answer the follow up. Can I be a feminist and like butt stuff?



A feminist is someone that believes in equal rights. That’s it. If you believe in equal rights, you are a feminist. How? Because that’s how definitions work.

Butt stuff is up to you. You can be a feminist, racist, homophobe, octogenarian, socialist, whatever and like butt stuff. Do whatever as long as it’s consensual. It’s your life.

Now here are 5 Beyoncé gifs we’re mandated to run because this is a post on the Internet about feminism.

54a7648407bec_-_bey6 tumblr_inline_mlav7tS7gV1qz4rgp  giphy a-woman-is-claiming-she-and-not-beyonce-is-the-real-mother-of-blue-ivy-and-has-filed-a-maternity-case-to-prove-her-alleged-point