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Greetings Campers! We’re getting ready for our LAST BYT AFTER HOURS PARTY OF THE YEAR!  This one-night-only party on September 20th at Smithsonian American Art Museum has something for everyone: open bar beer and cocktails, musical performances, s’mores, and s’much’more!

Don’t have your tickets yet? Get off your High Horse and Pony up for some before they ride off into the sunset (click it for tickets!)

The best way to prep for your evening at camp? We put together a special party time edition of our Brightest Young Things Office Mix inspired by the party, the art of David Levinthal and an adventure through the American West (the exhibition at Smithsonian American Art Museum we’re celebrating!). It’s scientifically designed for maximum pre-party vibes.

Click HERE to listen to the full playlist, but we’ve outline a FEW HIGHLIGHTS below.

Also – if you need inspiration for your camping clothing, check out our summer camp preview photo shoot here.

“Pony” by Valentino Khan

This tune might actually be about a pony.

“Pony” by Ginuwine

This song is not about a pony.

“Feel the Lightning” by Dan Deacon

So our head Music Counselor is Dan Deacon. He’ll be dressing as a cowboy, potentially as a bigfoot cowboy, proving once and for all that the American myth of a bigfoot cowboy is real. It may be one of our lesser known myths.

“Outside” by Childish Gambino

Did you know that Childish Gambino has an entire album named Camp? Neither did we until we did some aggressive Spotify camp related song searching. The whole album is worth listening to but we added some highlights to the playlist.

“One Tin Soldier, Theme from Billy Jack” by The Original Caste 

Okay so maybe it was just us, but when we went to camp as a kid we were taught this song. It’s actually a super gory sad song about a massacre, that we didn’t realize was so problematic until trying to remember what songs we actually learned at camp.  We will not be singing along to this during the party. But this lil nugget is truly for anyone who happened to go to FCPS Patrol Camp (which was strangely a week-long sleep away camp) in the late 90s/ early 2000s.

Ready now to get CAMPY? Grab your tickets here!