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The camera obscura (Lat. dark chamber) was an optical device used in drawing, and one of the ancestral threads leading to the invention of photography. Photographic devices today are still known as “cameras“.

also: ADORABLE SCOTTISH FOLK POP BAND. that seems to be everywhere right now.

what others said: 

Underachievers was released in the UK last year on Spain’s Elefant Records, and now Merge spreads the word in the U.S. and adds B-sides “I Don’t Want to See You” and “Footloose and Fancyfree”. Ignoring the infantilism of some of the more twee indie pop, Camera Obscura scold immature relationship decisions on “Teenager”, offer tender advice on “A Sister’s Social Agony”, and go on the make on “Suspended from Class”. Their honest, wide, and adult approach to heartbreak, romantic liaisons, and escapism is extended to the subtle range of influence– most of which is shown off on the tracks sung by John Henderson. “Before You Cry” is a graceful nod to Nashville, “Your Picture” is a dead ringer for Leonard Cohen, and Motown stomper “Let Me Go Home” is the best of their soul boy all-nighters.

Camera Obscura keep their cards closer to their indie pop chest when Tracyanne Campbell is alone on the mic, and, despite the success of the aforementioned tracks, are all the better for it. “A Sister’s Social Agony” apes the gentle harmonies and chimes of sibling-led vocal groups Four Freshman and The Beach Boys– an appropriate and sly arrangement for the subject matter. Best of all are the gentle, luminous “Suspended from Class” and “Books Written for Girls”, each of which feature self-deprecating lyrics, tender arrangements, and a lifeline for heart-on-sleeve acoustic pop.

Scott Plagenhoef, January 20th, 2004

what we say: 

i remember some 6 months a go when Kathleen put underachievers please try harder on my ipod.

instantly i

1.thought the name of the album was just brilliant.


2.loved keep it clean and teenager

and then the rest of the songs made their way into the general lets get ready to this repertoire.

now you cannot go to Mousetrap or any other indie dance night without hearing at least one of their dancey wispy songs

that make you want to wear your best beret and mary janes while sipping on whiskey sours, and possibly spilling them around.

and they have a new album HOW TO CHANGE A SHAPE OF AN EVELOPE and are all over the universe promoting it.

and top top it all off,

local superheroes Georgie James are going to be opening for them nationally.

and you fans and superfans will get a chance to see them at the Cat on July 9th.

the tickets are on sale.

if not sold out already.

it may sound far away, but it isn´t.

trust me.