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Are you queen/king of the kitchen? Do you love cooking? Do you watch Chopped religiously and yell at the TV how you could do better? Time to prove it! REGISTER NOW

On July 22nd, REI + BYT are hosting Skillet Battle at the Wundergarten – it’s a celebration of all things camping and cooking, featuring everyone’s favorite cast iron cooking utensil – the skillet!

To celebrate, we’re throwing a cooking competition. We’re inviting 10 amateur chefs (that’s you) to participate in our actual SKILLET BATTLE! A cook off where everyone cooks a dish in a skillet- and the best chef wins cool prizes.

Here’s how the competition works:

There will be 10 contestants (hurry! only ten spots will fill up fast)

Each contestant receives

  1. One skillet
  2. One camp stove
  3. One table for cooking

Each contestant brings with them

  1. 15 ingredients + salt, pepper, + one butter/oil to use in their dish

Goal: Cook an imaginative dish in the time allowed on a skillet. Dish will be judged and prizes awarded according to the judges’ preferences.

Time allowed: 45 mins for prep/ cooking/ plating

Register here: https://reiskilletfestcookoff.eventbrite.com

AMATEURS ONLY! No professionals allowed! IF you are a professional chef and you are interested in competing please email [email protected]


Amateur Level

  • Anyone who is interested + excited about skillet cooking


  • Contestants must be 18 years or older on July 22, 2017
  • Contestants must use only 15 ingredients (salt and pepper + butter/oil does not count)
  • The participants must bring all needed small equipment and kitchen utensils (such as cutting boards, knives, bowls, plates), as well as any other materials needed to cook and serve, EXCEPT for the skillet which will be provided
  • Good sportsmanship, sanitation and organization will be the prevailing attitude throughout the competition.
  • The dish must be cooked and served entirely on a skillet.
  • The dish must be entree sized but can be sweet or savory.
  • Competitors will be judged based on their dish’s taste, creativity, presentation, and ingredient choice.
  • The interpretation of these Competition Rules, in relation to a specific event, will rest with the Competition Organizers, whose decisions shall be final and binding. Protests after the fact will not be considered.