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Your halloween costume is all set. Your pumpkin is carved. You have decorative gourds on your desk because it’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers. You’re ready for Halloween.

We have a Halloween party. It’s called Twerk or Treat. We have Cheryl, Avan Lava, Rex Riot, Spirits in Black cocktails, Scaraoke (lol), and GIANT HAMSTER BALLS TO ROLL AROUND IN. We’re ready for Halloween too.

So how about a free ticket as a gift for you volunteering for a couple of hours?


We have a limited number of volunteer spots open. As usual, we’ll need help checking folks in at the door, along with drink tickets and manning the hamster ball room. If you have a laptop and/or smartphone and an ultra-pleasant demeanor, we’d love to exchange free admission for a few hours of your time (Read: You help us and you party for free).

Just fill out this formand we’ll be in touch shortly!