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BYT posts lots of pictures. We like pictures because people click on them. We want to take more pictures, the more pictures we post, the happier we are (we assume the same goes for our readership), generally speaking.

In the past we’ve had photographers who worked with point and click cameras, but the point is, we’re not a bunch of art-fag photo snobs who sit around and judge you based on the size of your lens, if you take great pictures, we want you.

So the question is, do you take awesome shots? Do you usually post them on your flickr page and wonder why it is that you haven’t been discovered yet? Would you like to get 200,000 hits on your flickr page next month? I bet you would…

Do you like to party? Do you want to get into clubs and shows for free? DO YOU LIKE DOCUMENTING DEBAUCHERY? If so, BYT wants to help you out.

If you are an emerging artist who is looking for an opportunity to shine, bring it on. If you’re a mickey mouse photographer who thinks that you’re worth way more than just the incredible opportunity of shooting awesome shows and parties with VIP treatment, then ask yourself why people don’t pay you to do that already. And if they do, then don’t sweat it, SOME PEOPLE KNOW AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY WHEN THEY SEE ONE.



Send an email to [email protected] and tell us why you’re awesome, please, don’t be shy. Send us links to your websites, flickr, smugmug or any other kinds of pages you’ve got. Even if it’s a photo clip from your high school newspaper, we want to see it. If you don’t have anything you feel like you want to show us, go out and shoot something tonight and send it to us, maybe you’re the next Richard Avedon, we won’t put it past you. Show us why you deserve to be making millions of dollars, and we’ll try to help you do just that by publicizing the crap out of your work and getting you KNOWN all over the DC metro area (and beyond!).


Think of us as Xzibit and your life as a vehicle. ‘Nuff said.