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Do you love festivals and BYT and lending a helping hand?

None of our events would happen without the work of our awesome team of volunteers and we want you to be part of that team. With two amazing festivals soon approaching, we are looking for some amazing volunteers to help make these events possible. Whether you’re a comedy fanatic, or a photography lover (or both) there’s something for everyone in one of these upcoming festivals!


Are you super excited by the lineup we have performing for Bentzen Ball this year (think Amber Tamblyn, Jenny Slate, Al Franken and the How Did This Get Made podcast crew)? Help us make the festival a success by volunteering! Fill out THIS FORM and get ready to laugh.

Whether you’re an aspiring photog yourself, or just an avid art lover, our friends at FotoWeekDC 2017 have a schedule of amazing programming that we’re excited to bring to DC, and almost all of it is free to the public! They need your help to make this festival the best it can be, so fill out THIS FORM and we’ll love you forever!

Thanks in advance for being the best humans we know!