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It’s that time. Summer internships are coming to an end. Our search for fall interns has officially begun. Want to write for us? Want to shoot pretty things?

With autumn coming and our amazing intern core for this semester leaving us–mostly due to getting full-time jobs because that’s the point–we’re currently looking for several interns to help us out in various departments. We’re searching for fun, passionate and bright college students (and people out of school) who can work independently from home and in our new We Work office and will communicate with their respective departments on a daily basis. You’ll most likely put in about 10 hours a week of work.

We love running the site and put our heart and soul into the content, therefore we would expect our interns to share that passion and not think that working for us is just an easy way to meet your favorite indie rock star or get free tickets to shit.

We can’t pay you, but we will be more than happy to help arrange credit if you’re eligible for that with your school (+endless street cred if that’s what you’re looking for, and even if you aren’t).

The perks of working for the site are awesome and we share the bounty of free tickets and party invites for those who contribute and work hard to help us express our love for all that is good in D.C.

Interns are needed for the following categories:

  • Editorial (working on stories, pitching stories, laying out stories)
  • Photography (especially for NYC and non-music-related shoots)
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media (don’t tell us you’re a social media expert if you have 100 followers)
  • Events
  • Marketing/Advertising

We’re also looking for a handful of new, regular contributors. We’re well stocked with music writers, but would love some arts coverage that doesn’t involve people taking the stage to make loud noises. If you want to be our main theater writer, we want to hear from you. If you’re interested in the art scene, we want you to share that interest on our site.

If you’re interest in either, please fill out this form! We only have a few slots open so if you’re interested, FILL OUT THE FORM NOW!

The feature image is actually our current intern staff. We have a bunch of zombie related materials. These materials are work related.