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We haven’t done this in over a year. It’s time we do it again. I think we’re ready for this. OK. Yes. We’re ready. Let’s do it.

Would you like to write for us?

We’re opening our Internet doors for some talented writers and photographers. We’re looking to make our coverage better. We’re looking for you.

If you’re aware of awesome people, places and things that need and/or deserve DC or NYC coverage, we want you. Here’s an idea of what we’re looking for:

  • We aren’t talking just about music.
  • If you want to write about literature and Politics and Prose’s book signings, we want you.
  • Food/Wine reviewers, we want you.
  • Theatre enthusiasts, we want you.
  • If you’re stylish and crafty, we want you.
  • Got an itch to gossip with the gays, we want you.
  • If you have a random column idea, we want you.
  • Have you always sat around hoping BYT would cover something you care about? Well, yes, we WANT YOU TOO.
  • If you’re a struggling photojournalism grad who can rock a Canon 30D at a concert/gallery opening/party/fun thing, we want you.

Simply put: we want you if you have a passion and can write about that passion.

The caveat is this: BYT is a labor of love. Even those who are getting paid to do BYT full-time, and there is only a handful of those, do the writing for love. If you’re doing this to get rich you will die trying. We’re looking for people who are dedicated and can contribute something pretty regularly.

What you WILL get out of contributing to BYT:

  • A creative outlet for you to release all those metaphors you’ve been building up.
  • Exposure to new music and shows and free meals and endless street cred. You’ll probably gain weight and name drop bands that played 8 shows in 1983 in Tokyo and Cleveland and really changed the world, man.
  • A chance to interview musicians, filmmakers, artists, etc. and ask questions that are actually interesting. We don’t care about re-writing the press release.
  • A LOT OF NEW FRIENDS (we are essentially your new, more dysfunctional but also more fun internet family, and we got your back)

If this sounds good, attach the following stuff and send it to: [email protected] with the subject line FUTURE CONTRIBUTOR.

  • Clips. College paper? Freelance work? If you don’t have anything, whip up a review of a current record/movie/book/restaurant/street corner BYT hasn’t written about yet.
  • If you’re looking to be a photographer, make sure to include a link to your Flickr/Google Plus/whatever and any tear sheets you might have.
  • What you would contribute to BYT that would elicit that new, fresh, bright young readers.
  • Story ideas, including some that don’t pertain to MUSIC. Food, dance, LGBT, design, literature, art, fashion – send something about that avenue as well.
  • Resume. If you’ve got it, send it, otherwise, don’t sweat it.

There’s no real deadline for this, but the sooner the better!