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BYT is having a casting call in order to advance its coverage of everything awesome in the DC area.
(and beyond)
We aren’t talking about just music.
If you want to write about literature and Olsson’s book signings, we want you.
Food/Wine reviewers-we want you.
If you’re stylish and crafty, we want you.
If you’re a struggling photojournalism grad who can rock a Canon 30D at a concert (or any other event, really), we want you.

Rinse and repeat ad nauseum:
if you want to write about something that you think would interest us, we want you.

The caveat is this: BYT is a labor of love. If you’re doing this to “get those phat stacks of cash, son,” well, go sell crazy someplace elsewhere. We aren’t interested. We want someone who can be dedicated to the cause, and contribute something once a week (ideally – but more is encouraged, obviously).

What you WILL get out of contributing to BYT:

– A creative outlet for you to release all those metaphors you’ve been building up (without jacking off all over a thesaurus like a Pitchfork staffer).

– Exposure to new music and shows – the BYT crew is pretty good at taking care of each other in this regard.

– And a chance to ask artists the tough questions – like if masturbating will make you go blind. There’s no holding back.

If this sounds good, pick up the following shit, and send it to
[email protected]:

– Any previous clips you’ve got. College paper? Freelance? If you don’t have anything, whip up a review of a current record/movie/book/restaurant/street corner BYT hasn’t written about yet.

– What you would contribute to BYT that would elicit that new, fresh, Selsun Blue tingly feeling.

– Story ideas, including some that don’t pertain to MUSIC. Food, dance, design, literature, art, fashion – send something about that avenue as well.

– A resume? If you’ve got it, send it, otherwise, don’t sweat it.

There’s no real deadline for this, but the sooner the better!