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The long awaited Peeping Tom project by Mike Patton is here, and it’s pretty much what you would expect, not that there is a god damn thing wrong with that.  You know who Mike Patton is even if you don’t think you do.  He’s the eccentric front man of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, and Tomahawk as well as lending his voice to Dan the Automator’s Lovage and Bjork’s Medula, and releasing some whacked out solo records. This time around we have different guests on each track including Amon Tobin, Rahzel, Kool Keith, the aforementioned Dan the Automator, Massive Attack, Kid Koala, and others.  As like anything Patton touches it’s spastic, aggressive, genre-defying, and completely original.  And most importantly it has the single coolest CD packaging I have ever seen in my entire life.  Seriously.  I can’t explain it, just go to the store and rip her open and play with it.

asobi01Asobi Seksu (translation “for fun sex”) played DC9 last night to an audience of about 40.  The best shoegaze money can buy right now, the diminutive Yuki pounded away on her keyboard while squeezing Japanese lyrics out of her cute little dimpled smile.  Then scowled like the hardcore NYC bitch she most likely is in between songs.  Along with the Christmas lights they brought along with them they had some well timed strobe effects that proved low-budget bands at DC9 can still put on a moving light show.  Don’t miss these guys next time they come around, sure every song sounded about the same, but man was that one fine tune – definitely in the top 10 of the year for me.  Also keep an eye on Soft, the opening band.  Their earnest stage antics were a little hard to stomach but the sugary pop went down smooth.  I didn’t think I knew who they were until the lead singer mentioned something to the effect “this is our big mp3 blog hit” and sure enough it sounded familiar, a quick spin through the iPod revealed their killer track “Higher”.  I talked to him after the show and apparently they are huge in Japan, playing with Kiss and Santana…

every_move_a_pictureLast but certainly not least, I caught the west coast’s Every Move A Picture open for The Rakes like a week ago or something.  I had been playing Signs of Life for the past month at DJ nights but didn’t know anything about them, nor had heard any other tracks.  They made my ass bleed.  In a good way.  Not anything you haven’t heard before; your typical Joy Division/Interpol dancey indie rock of 2006, but for some reason these guys stuck out for me.  And I’m usually really cynical about these kinds of bands.  Tight chops and a couple stolen riffs from The Edge combined with some laptop noise that doesn’t distract makes for some really really well written catchy pop songs.  Also extremely friendly and humble after the show.  I lost interest in The Rakes after that.  Ignore the god awful name and do yourself a favor and pick this one up – their full length entitled “Heart = Weapon” came out on the 11th.

Mission Of Burma at the Cat Sat night (the 15th) – I’ll be there, come say hi.