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I love finding products/gadgets/services/ideas that increase the quality of life in little ways. I decided to profile some of them here on BYT. If you have suggestions for something I should check out, email me

If you missed us last time, we covered the CaliBowl

Let’s keep the efficient dining theme going with the Knork.  Obviously it’s the combination of the Knife and Fork, which at first sounds like a terrible, and bloody, idea.  But it’s not.  It works.  For the most part. 

Basically what is going on here is two slight modifications to your standard fork.  The first is the two outside prongs which have an edge that is just sharp enough to cut into cheek flesh, but then dialed back a notch.  The second is a small flat finger rest where the handle meets the prongs.  The result is that you can cut into food with your fork using a simple rocking motion.  If you’re like me, you use your fork to cut a lot already.  I mean just think about how many times you are eating something and use the edge of your fork to cut it?  Well the Knork makes that easier.  I mean, who also grabs a knife when they’re eating Eggos?  Losers, that’s who.  Just Knork it.  I always want to bring it to restaurants to solve one of my pet peeves which is when the tails are left on shrimp, thus saving the usage and cleaning of a extraneous knife and making the world a better place for your children. 

not a very good demo of Knork power

Now before your panties get too creamy and you chuck all those knives in the trash there is one little snag.  You see that pic at the top of this post where the Knork is just cutting right into that streak?  That’s no lie, it can totally do that, but remember that normally you have a fork stuck in that flesh holding it in place as you cut.  So you’re still gonna use that steak knife for a lot of items.  Or two knorks if you’re illogical.  That being said, the Knork totally kicks all regular forks asses.  It is thick stainless steel with a nice hefty weight and it looks classy.  I’m planning to eventually replace all my forks with them. 

mmm, eggs

Get more info and order them here:

Or get them cheaper at http://www.target.com/ $17.99 for a set of 4