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All words: Courtney Pitman
All Photos:
Abbas Sabur

After over a decade in the business, Cakelove is changing their game in a big way, looking towards innovative creation and long-term sustainability. The result? Cakebites.

With the labels arriving just yesterday, BYT has the first photos and the freshest dish on the new product, so put on your stretchy pants in solidarity and get excited with us:

At the most basic level, think cake in a jar. Now rethink everything you’ve ever known about confectionary goods, because Cakebites is a dessert of a different color. Several different colors, actually, as it layers a heavy ratio of cream cheese icing (yes, cream cheese icing) with moist cake, turning the traditional cupcake inside out and negating the treacherous navigation of public cupcake-eating looking either a) like Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda, or b) inadvertently sexual.


Portable and convenient with a resealable lid, Cakebites banishes the highbrow, high-maintenance, high-cost perception associated with bakeries. The dessert comes in a number of flavors such as pumpkin, red velvet and salty caramel, and is stored in the refrigerator or freezer, affording the novel possibility of eating your cake and saving it too.

Owner and founder Warren Brown shared that he’s looking to make Cakebites—a scalable product with the potential for mass production—the center of Cakelove as they move forward. He’s been working on Cakebites since early spring and is “tickled pink” with the way it has come together.


For the time being, you can snag yourself some Cakebites for $3.99 a piece at one of Cakelove’s six locations, but Brown also shared last night that he has grander ambitions in the works. Cakebites has received approval to be sold at the Whole Foods in Friendship Heights, where shoppers will be able to purchase it within the next month. Brown is working to make Cakebites available for sale at the other District Whole Foods locations, as well as a handful of additional retail targets.


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