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Creative inspiration can be tough to come by but with hitRECord, the open, collaborative for-profit production company, anyone can get inspired by another member’s photo, script, video, song, poem–anything, really. Contributors use it like an online studio, upload their creations, and other members contribute to their pieces–eventually you get some incredible finished products that screen at major film festivals like Sundance. What’s even more incredible? The fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is coming to Warner Theatre tonight with a full showcase of some of the organization’s best creations.


 You’ll even be able to participate in a hitRECord tour project or two and, if you’re lucky, you may in fact get called up on stage to join Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself. (Dreamy.)

To get you sufficiently pumped, we’ve put together our top 5 favorite hitRECord collaborations–incredible mixes of animation, voiceovers, songs, stories and more. See. You. Tonight.

  • Strawberry Bootlaces
    We love this piece. We love it so much we want to propose on bended knee, with a bag of strawberry bootlaces, and marry it. It’s an endearing tale, starring Gordon-Levitt, about eating too many of your favorite sweets. Using mixed media, quirky animation, a humorous script and a fun voiceover, this is one of our all-time faves:
  • Everything is on Fire
    We’re especially fond of this piece’s tone, an almost foreboding track beneath footage of Burning Man, matches, white heat, historical footage of fire-related disasters, and jittery–sometimes disturbing–animation. See for yourself:
  • Iterations: A Musical Journey
    Iterations involves some incredible animation. There are beautiful textures, colors and movements all relating the story of a girl on a journey, set to a song about losing one’s self. Take a look and try to tell us this doesn’t look beautiful. We dare you.
  • The Man with a Turnip for a Head
    Here is a short film about a man with a turnip for a head, a well-produced tale that warns against hiding your flaws. Oh, what’s that? It’s narrated by Gary Oldman? We’re all about it, obviously.
  • And A New Earth
    This is phenomenal and if you don’t watch it, you’re a total sucker.  It’s unsettling, it’s terrifying, it’s mesmerizing. It is a call to arms to reclaim your brain.


Thumbnail image “flight of the foxes” by wirrow, currently remixable.