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It’s International Podcast Day on Sunday, and since we love us a good podcast, this seemed like as good a time as any to tell you all about our favorite ones! Here are some that we are 100% smitten with:

Masters of Scale

“Hosted by one of the LinkedIn founders, Reid Hoffman, it’s essentially a business podcast about how to grow companies. It’s pretty nerdy (those sound effects thooo) but I love it. He has pretty great guests (think Sheryl Sandberg / Spotify founder Daniel Ek/ etc.), but despite the size of their companies their insight is surprisingly helpful if you work for a small business (like Brightest Young Things!).” – Marissa Rubenstein


“I love a good creepy podcast. Whether we’re talking about real spooky things or 100% percent made up spooky things. Tanis falls in the later category and leans a little more sci-fi than straight up horror, but its strength lies in the fact that it’s actually a great blend of fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, horror and action. Narrated by the charming Nic Silver, Tanis tells the story of one man’s quest to solve the last great mystery of the Internet age. In a time where you can know almost anything at the drop of the hat, Nic and his cast of friends (including the wickedly smart MK and the bewildering Cameron Ellis) chase after unknown. It’s perfect for the modern day Lovecraft fanatic and the mystery obsessed.” – Kaylee Dugan

How Did This Get Made

“I don’t need to explain this really, right? Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael bring their decades of love, friendship, improv experience and incomparable chemistry together for a great cause: discussing truly, madly, deeply bad movies. The Nicolas Cage movie episodes are a great place to start (followed by a Stallone chaser) and the guest roster is filled with all your favorite funny people who drop by to hang out (from Whitney Cummings and Nick Kroll, to Tig and Jenny Slate and the resident Fast & Furious expert Adam Scott).” – Svetlana Legetic

Call Your Girlfriend

“This is the podcast that got me into podcasts! As someone with a long-distance bestie (she lives in NORWAY!) I loved the idea of a podcast “for long-distance besties everywhere” (their tagline). Hosts Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow are not only brilliant but they’re also hilarious, and you’ll keep forgetting you don’t actually know them. Also they are both worth a follow on instagram @aminatou, @annfriedman.”  – Marissa Rubenstein

Movie Crush

“Ok, ok, I love movie podcasts. Chuck from How Stuff Works heads up this show where people talk about films that changed their lives, and fangirl (and boy) about it for an hour. It is classy to hear Tony Shalhoub dissect the heist classic The Sting, or drop in on My Favorite Murder gals spin some solid Silence Of The Lambs theories, making you feel like you are a part of the most charming dinner party banter for movie lovers out there.” – Svetlana Legetic

Page 7 

“The celebrity gossip podcast you and your friends would make if you were funnier and/or actually cared about celebrity gossip. No matter how much you know about Lindsay Lohan, this show is a goddamn treat.” -Kaylee Dugan

Don’t Tell The Babysitter Mom’s Dead

“This one is the brainchild of ex-Buzzfeeder Brittany Ashley – if you are a Buzzfeed subscriber on YouTube, you might remember this video where she talks about losing her mom when she was really young, in which case you’ll be able to put two and two together on what’s covered in the podcast. She invites a different guest who also lost their mother as a child or a young adult to come on each episode and discuss the similarities and differences of their experiences. It’s definitely sad and heavy in some ways, but it’s also funny and happy and hopeful, and is pretty much THE most cathartic thing I’ve encountered since losing my dad a couple of years ago. The experience of losing a parent can be super isolating, because you don’t want to be “that guy” who brings up the #HEAVY stuff all the time, so it’s really refreshing to be able to hear people talking about it openly, to realize you’re not a total freak for grieving the way you did/do, and that some of the things that annoyed/annoy the fuck out of you annoyed/annoy the fuck out of other people, too. Anyway, if you’ve lost a parent, definitely listen. And if you haven’t lost a parent, also definitely listen – it’s some great insight into some of the dos and don’ts re: how to help your friends cope.” – Megan Burns

Female Criminals

“Oh I’m sorry did you think ladies were content with just being murdered all the time? I don’t think so. And thanks to Female Criminals, a podcast I have dubbed feminist true crime, we can finally learn that women aren’t going to take this lying down, because we’ve been killed. Nope. We’re out there doing some crime and the time. Start with my favorite gal, Aileen Wuornos, and keep it going with Shi Jianqiao a woman who executed warlord Sun Chuanfang as revenge for murdering her father. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.” – Jenn Tisdale

West Wing Weekly

“I am OBSESSED with The West Wing, it’s my go-to show when I need to just relax and chill out. So imagine my surprise when I realized that the host of one of my other fave podcasts (Song Exploder) Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina (who not only was actually IN The West Wing but is also on one of my other fave DC shows, Scandal), had their own West Wing dedicated podcast. They’re going episode by episode and are currently on season 5 (there are 7 seasons total), but even if you barely remember the show the podcast is worth a listen.” – Marissa Rubenstein

Missing Richard Simmons

“A perfect, bingeable stand alone series about love, fame, spandex and possibly murder (or kidnapping? or maybe just a misunderstanding?) that scratches your true crime AND gossip itch, while still making you cry at times.” – Svetlana Legetic

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

“Do you like crying in public? Are you looking for more excuses to be sad on a regular basis? Then look no further because Terrible, Thanks for Asking has you more than covered. If you’ve ever watched me silently cry on the Metro, this podcast is the culprit. Covering the kind of topics that most people would consider ‘impolite conversation’, host Nora McInerny tackles illness, suicide, sexual assault and death with the most impressive bedside manner. A majority of the episodes end with a semi-optimistic message, but you should still have some tissues on hand. Just in case.” – Kaylee Dugan


“Y’all the world is a weird place and Aaron Mahnke, host of Lore, producer of Lore, writer of Lore (this will be way funnier once you listen to the podcast) aims to blow the lid off all this strange shit. And I love him for it. This is a part true crime, part mythology, part urban legends, part mystery podcast that burrows into the oddities of life. With episodes like Black Stockings (fairy changelings! Fairy exorcisms!), Everything Floats (stories from New Orleans) and Familiar (stories about the life and career of a witch-finder) you’ll find yourself fascinated and horrified by the world around you. That’s just the way I like it.” – Jenn Tisdale

Bad With Money

“Have you ever noticed how pretty much everyone will exasperatedly say things like, “Ugh, they didn’t teach us ANYTHING of use in high school or college re: handling finances!” but then never actually do anything about it? Well, Gaby Dunn totally did something about it! This is a great, non-scary, non-shame-y podcast that deals with all things financial, from the dreaded retirement fund to shopping addiction to cyptocurrency. It opens up the door for discussion about things that definitely SHOULD be discussed, and I’d highly recommend hopping on the train if you’ve ever had even an inkling of “oh fuck, I am in way over my head” in terms of any/all things relating to money. (Also keep an eye out for homegirl’s book, which is out in 2019 and which we will be reviewing v. soon!)” – Megan Burns


“Susan Orlean (of Orchid Thief fame) and Sarah Thyre (from Conan, Strangers with Candy) invite really cool people over (everyone from Kumail Nanjiani to Busy Phillips to Malcolm Gladwell make an appearance) to discuss what makes them cry. Topics in a single episode could range from “the speech the Dad gives in Call Me By Your Name” to “the final scene in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Becoming, Part Two.” to “super sweet servers in casual chain restaurants”. The result: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel human all over again.” – Svetlana Legetic


“If you’re looking for a shot of optimism and joy, Wonderful is here for you. What used to be a Bachelor recap show (RIP Rosebuddies) has been transformed into a positivity only, feel good podcast that focuses on the bright side. Husband and wife team Griffin and Rachel McElroy bring their favorite things to the table every week and discuss what makes them so great. Whether it’s french fries or Bob Hicok’s poetry, I almost always come away from the show more relaxed and with a new favorite thing.” – Kaylee Dugan

I Was There Too

“In which people who played minor roles in pop-culture milestones reminisce about what it was like to be there, providing a different perspective on some great and truly disasterous productions. Good, dishy fun, often quite funny and perfect for entertainment nerds.” – Svetlana Legetic

History Extra

“Let the dulcet tones of educated British accents wash over you as you learn about some of the world’s most brutal people. GUYS THEY COLONIZED HALF THE PLANET. But it’s not all savagery and wars. It’s not even all Brits! This podcast, born from the BBC History Magazine, features historians chatting about some old faves (The Tudors), some new faves (Female Spies of the Civil War Era), some borrowed faves (Re-thinking 20th Century Britain) and some green faves (Ireland’s Past and Present). And if you think there’s not a thrilling horn-heavy opening song then you just don’t know the U.K. or you’ve never been to the Maryland Renaissance Festival (SHAME).” – Jenn Tisdale