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Hey kids, we know you are all transplants from other places. That DC Stars and Bars tattoo washes off with soap and water. Hell, you probably came from Yucaipa or Riverside or some other podunk town in California. Or you’ve got a cousin in Los Feliz. Either way, we want your help. Our favorite street-art wunderkind from DC, Kelly Towles, is having a big, kick-ass art opening in LA and we need folks out to represent. It’s presented by BYT and Pool Tradeshow. And they’re gonna have free Colt 45 all night. That’s right. Free. Malt. Liquor.

Here’re all the details, so pretty please with sugar on top: forward this page to your friends, acquaintances, internet crushes, basically anyone you know, knew, or wish you knew in L.A. (TIP: use the ShareThis/Send to a Friend thingies at the top of this page)


THIS Saturday, April 4, 7-11pm
Pool Warehouse
2900 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles

Free Colt 45 while supplies last