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We love Instagram. You love Instagram. Let’s get our Instagrams together and make Instagram babies.

Next time you’re at a fun event, eating a good meal, spotting a weirdo on the street, sneaking past a security guard, petting a cat, or dancing until there is blood all over the walls, tag that fucker (new photos only) with #BYThings and we’ll re-gram our favs and/or put them on the site each week or something.

What do you get out of it? Insta-fame / appreciation vibes.

What do we get out of it? We just like living vicariously through you.

Win / Win

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Ready. Set. Go.

Oh, and check out the Top 15 BYT Instagrams of 2014.

Series of haunted photos with zombie baby. #fotoweek2014

A photo posted by BYT (@brightestyoungthings) on