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I’ve been working on BYT’s Cherry Blossom guide, and I’m not sure why but every year I forget how crazy spring is here in this city. One of my best friends lives in Austin, and we often commiserate on how these big festivals (SXSW + cherry clossom madness) interfere with our daily life, and are constantly sending these types of texts to each other “yeah I tried to go to the nice Whole Foods, Google Maps routed me through the cherry blossom danger zone and now I will just never be seen again, plz send halp”.

Anyways there’s more to surviving spring in D.C. than navigating the blossoms, here’s what you need to get through to what awaits you on the other side of D.C. spring… D.C. summer (which is probably, humidly, worse). Here’s what to put in your hypothetical survival kit.

NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot Sinus Relief with Premixed Packets – 50ct – $13.99
This is the time of year everyone has super red eyes and stuffy noses and swears up, down and sideways that they do not have allergies. Me thinks thou dost protest too much. Just NetiPot, it has a doctor on the box (so you know it’s legitimate) and is probably the most unsexy thing you can do (maybe don’t use in front of significant other unless you’ve been together for over 3 months) but it helps. Yes there is a recommended amount of time that needs to pass in a relationship before you can stick a teapot up your nose in front of your s.o.

Wildfox Forever Single Wright Tee – $74.00
Perfect for those slightly more balmy days, pair with a hoodie, and you’re good to meet up with that Bumble human who wanted to go “walk around the blossoms” (it’s important to make your feelings known early).

Image via wildfox.com

Zara Denim Cape – $99.00
A proper jacket or blazer is necessary for springtime in D.C., however, I think you should forget about proper and we should all collectively buy this denim cape, it will be like the Handmaid’s Tale red capes except.. probably with just the right amount of chill still creeping in under the denim buttons.

Image via zara.com

Back to the Wall Custom Wallpaper – Price on Request
Refresh your house/apartment/bedroom for the season with custom floral wallpaper from this incredible New Zealand Company. I tried to get pricing and was directed towards a very lengthy design form so I can only assume it costs all the money, but I also very badly need it. Wallpaper is back y’all.

A Trip Somewhere Else- Like a Surf Trip to Bali – Packages start at $2,295.00
I think the only true way to survive spring in D.C. is just to escape all together. Bali is nice, warm, and very, very, far away. Plus you get to surf and practice yoga every day. This is essentially my heaven. The website for this retreat says “re-discover your vitality”. That sounds like something I should 100% be doing, I am so down.

Image via instagram @escapeheaven

And that’s this week’s Wish List- who is ready for a new season!?!?!?
Featured image: Oriental Paradise © BACK TO THE WALL