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It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to buy presents for your parents/siblings/extended family that you’re close enough with to do the gift thing with. What’s a more 2010s gift than a membership to a subscription box service? Nothing, that’s what.

Here are five potential subscription box gift ideas that range from Good to Very Bad Don’t Do This for this week’s Wish List.

Graze – $13.99/month

Healthy snacks! A nice, simple setup that nobody’s gonna turn down. And at this price point, it’s an easy, thoughtful-ish thing that doesn’t break the bank!

Pub Shirt Club – $22/month

Is anything more locked-in dead on absolutely yes for a gift for your nice, normal cousin who is medium into craft beer than a different Cool Shirt from a Cool Pub somewhere in Ireland? Nope! Slam frigging dunk.

Slime Box Club – $21/month

Homemade “slime” is something that’s popular with like, kids. I’ll see it on Instagram and stuff here and there, and its popularity is tied with dudes like Lil Pump for things that make me feel Bad and Old for not understanding. Maybe get this for your cool tween cousin who does the Fortnite dances incessantly and loves to like, dab all the time. I’m out of my depth here.

Exotic Noods – $22/month

Curated Ramen Noodle subscription box. Sign me all the way up, baby! I love this one, really. But also, at the same time, should I be eating that much ramen each month? Sure I should! Our time on this boiling Earth is limited! Buy it for whoever!!!

APOCABOX – $50/month

Does your Uncle’s Walking Dead fandom feel like it has somewhat Alex Jones-y overtones sometimes? Maybe set him up with this thing, which is full of like, cool looking knives and stuff for people who like to think about Every Day Carry setups a lot but is also not fully a paranoid American nightmare? It’s taking that borderline Doomsday Prepper energy and redirecting it towards something a little more bespoke while also still a little troubling. Up to you, honestly.