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You deserve nice, cool things. We all do. So, every week one of the BYT editors will share what’s on top of their wish list right now so you know what it is we are coveting right now, and you can covet it as well (or even buy it). Simple as that. Megan Burns is back at it again this week with HER picks, which are usually minimalist and practical, but since the Royal Wedding is approaching on May 19th, and because she CANNOT WAIT FOR IT, and is THROWING A VIEWING PARTY IN ITS HONOR,  this week’s wish list is going to be frivolous AF! HERE WE GO:

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Life Size Cardboard Cutout – $42.95 + $14.60 shipping

I know this is as absurd as it gets (like, I will have to seriously reevaluate my whole existence if I shell out close to $60 on something so niche), but I want this life-size cardboard cutout of Harry and Meghan SO BADLY FOR MY PARTY. I honestly don’t even know if people will actually turn up, but I wouldn’t even care if it was just me sitting next to this by myself for however long the telecast lasts. Actually, that would be the ideal scenario now that I’m thinking about it.

2. Royal Family Face Masks – $14.52

The gang’s all here! (Except Diana, RIP.) I think it’s important to have some additional photo booth opportunities should guests grow weary of the life-size cutout, plus it’s nice to feature some other Royal Family members to spice things up. But beware -whoever puts on the Camilla mask will be tarred and feathered, mark my words or whatever!

3. Commemorative Ed Sheeran + Meghan Markle Plate – $36.33

This novelty commemorative plate of Prince “Henry” (who is depicted as Ed Sheeran, because a ginger is a ginger is a ginger is a ginger) and Meghan Markle is the most hilarious thing ever to exist. I would never in a million years pay money for it, but if someone ELSE were to give it to me, well, it would be displayed prominently in my home for all eternity, let’s just say that.

4. Princess Diana Bunting – $19.62

I do not want anyone to ever, even for a second, forget about how Princess Diana was, and still is, EVERYTHING. I feel like hanging up this bunting around my living room would be an effective way to remind my viewing party guests that she is looking down on all of us (perhaps smiling on some, but mostly judging) from above.

5. Heinz Beans, 12 Pack – $24.95

One cannot throw a Royal Wedding viewing party that begins at the ass crack of dawn without some British breakfast foods, and seeing as beans on toast = like, my favorite thing ever, we’ll absolutely be loading up on ye olde cans o’ Heinz. I have the luxury of living a train ride away from a supplier that sells four packs for $6, so I will probably just go there to save myself a little $$$, but it’s nice to know that Amazon has our backs should delivery be needed.

That’s all. For this week.