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It’s 2019 now and that means people are going to spend some time on self-reflection and self-improvement for the next little while. New Years Resolutions are a great tool to give yourself the inspiration required to make tangible, long-lasting positive changes to your life, but the following five things are maybe better?

Here are five things you can buy to totally obliterate your New Years Resolution.

For those who resolved to lose some weight, have you considered that you can buy 10 pounds of M&Ms from Amazon for under $50? Shipping’s free, too.

What about if you were hoping to scale back (or fully cut out) drinking booze? Take a look at this luxurious as hell 3L mega-bottle of Clos Canarelli rosé and tell me you don’t want to stick a damn crazy straw in there and never look back.

Maybe you’d like to exercise more, get fit, get active. You could do that or you could pick up this massive Reversible Sleeper Sectional with Ottoman from Wayfair that combines the best parts of a couch with the best parts of a bed. That’s my main problem with my current couch, it’s not also a goddamn king sized bed.

I didn’t read enough books in 2018. I should try to read more in 2019! But also a subscription to the boutique art film streaming service Fandor is only $5.99/month and I really like watching movies a lot.

We all could do a little better at spending less and saving more. If anyone under 40 hopes to retire at literally any point, they should be saving a lot more aggressively than most of us currently do. That said, National Geographic’s got a whole slew of different highly-curated adventures for you to go on, including this rad looking one that takes you on an expedition throughout Southern Africa for just several thousand dollars per person.