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I love reality TV. Like really love reality TV. Sure, it’s no surprise that your resident writer on all things drag has seen every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but that’s far from the extent of my passion for reality shows. From Bad Girls Club to Dance Moms to Are You the One? to America’s Next Top Model to Love and Hip Hop to any of the Real Housewives, I’ve seen them all and then some. And the trashier the better: I live for the drama. So, for this week’s edition of Wish List, I’m drawing inspiration from from of my favorite guilty pleasure shows and their stars.

CBS All Access – $9.99/month

This Monday, January 21, Julie Chen will return to our screens for the newest season of Celebrity Big Brother US. For those unfamiliar, Celebrity Big Brother is the show that throws random stars into a house together and records their every move for our entertainment. This season’s housemates include Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, and Anthony Scaramucci–yes, that press secretary Scaramucci. With this…eclectic group, there’s no question that a CBS All Access subscription, which allows viewers to tune into live streams of the Big Brother house 24/7, is at the top of my wish list.

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Love Island, The Game – $27

What I really want is a US edition of Love Island. If you haven’t seen this British reality show, you’re missing out. The premise is simple: just hot people on an island, coupling up. Sure we have Bachelor in Paradise, but it’s not quite the same. Since I’m not a network executive, however, I’ll settle for this board game that apparently let’s you vicariously live the Love Island fantasy. Sounds like a fun drinking activity if you ask me.

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Dancing with the Stars Video Game – $17.96

Speaking of games based off reality shows, Dancing with the Stars has birthed a video game, available on multiple platforms, including Wii and PlayStation 2.

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HBIC Shirt – $32.42

Last weekend I paid $15 and traveled an hour on the train to see Tiffany “New York” Pollard host a drag show. It was so worth it. Since her break out on Flavor of Love–Flavor Flav’s dating show–New York has been on more reality shows than I can count. She’s a gif goddess and the og HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) with more quotable moments than Mean Girls. So, cop one of these shirts, designed by the legend herself, and channel your inner HBIC.

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Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book– $22.95

These days it seems like every reality star and their sister has been published. Lauren Conrad, Snooki, Abby Lee Miller, Nene Leaks and Lisa Vanderpump–to name a few–all have books on the shelves. So, it took me a long time to decide on the perfect literary addition to this list. And finally, I decided, that the reality star book we all need and want is one that doesn’t even have words at all. Kim Kardashian’s iconic selfies might be slightly old news, but Selfish will always be the perfect coffee table book.

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The Bachelor/ette Stemless Wine Glasses– $10

Some Mondays all you need is a glass of wine and a dramatic rose ceremony. These glasses are perfect for those days.

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Scott Living Furniture– Prices Vary

Johnathon and Drew Scott, better known as the Property Brothers, have a furniture collection at Lowe’s. There are plenty of fun, impeccably designed items to check out from electric fireplaces (starting at $229) to Bathroom Vanities (starting at $299), and we bet nothing feels better than knowing your home is Property Brothers approved.

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