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It’s the happiest time of the year! Our beloved Pride Month is here, it’s queer, get used to it. My first Pride was in New York City during a day that if you told me it was the hottest in the city’s history, I’d believe you. I puked in a pizza place’s bathroom and didn’t pay for a single drink as I scream sang to Whitney Houston. And that’s the way it should be! Here’s my wish list of things that might make Pride even better.

Rainbow Stripe Sequin Minidress – $85

Yes, I’m inspired by one of Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour dresses she wore as she gave a touching pride speech in Chicago recently, but what person who likes wearing dresses wouldn’t benefit from this cute number in their life? My favorite part is that it isn’t skin tight so you can be bloated from Pride fun and still feel fabulous.

Jelly Beam Highlighter – $40

Anything beauty editors are talking about, I’m right there listening. Viral makeup is some of the best makeup (not always, cough Kylie lip kit cough) and this jelly highlighter had the internet collectively lose their shit for a second. It was the first of it’s kind and it sounds absolutely dope. Applies like liquid, dries like a powder, and I want it now. If there’s any time to rock the glazed doughnut look, it’s Pride.

External Phone Charging Battery – $26

I always want a cute “candid” photo of me doing things that seem spontaneous and cool for the gram, so my phone dying is not an option. I can’t imagine how someone just goes off to a Pride event with the current battery percentage on their phone and that’s IT? You don’t want to be ordering a Lyft while pleading for your phone not to die, that would truly be a tragedy. Pride is not the time for these preventable tragedies. Pride is about preparedness.

Lemonhead Spacepaste – $22

Mess-free, self-adhering, and vegan. This glitter paste looks insanely cool and I insanely want it all over my face and body. It just like washes off with water…that’s it. Imagine enjoying glitter and not finding it in a crevice of an unexpected body part four days later. I know, I know, glitter for Pride. Groundbreaking.

Transparent Raincoat – $14

It might rain Sunday and if you think I’ll let that ruin taking in every damn second of Troye Sivan’s set at The Capital Pride Concert, you’re dead wrong. Transparent because #fashion and also my body should never have to hide, rain or shine.


Feature photo by Joshua Stitt on Unsplash