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You deserve cool gifts. We all do. So, every week one of the BYT editors will share what’s on top of their wish list right now so you know what it is we are coveting right now, and you can covet it as well (or even buy it). Simple as that.

This week – gifts to buy yourself now that Valentine’s day is over. We apologize in advance that most of this is actually very affordable and you are likely going to impulse buy it. It is ok, we probably will too.  – Svetlana

LAVA CAKE – T-shirt by Katie Kimmel, $25

Katie Kimmel makes these “classic food” iron-on t-shirts and sweatshirts that declare your love for everything from Linguini & Clams to Lentil Soup to this, very post-Valentine’s-appropriate, Lava Cake gem. You actually DO deserve all of these.

HOLD ME pouch by Ban.Do – $14

Ban.do is like the altar in the church of female gifting we all pray at anyway, and now they launched a LILAC SELECTION of things (a category that truly, only exists on Ban.Do), and this pouch, which is just big enough to hold a lipstick, a roller perfume, a mascara and a tampon is top of our list. GET IT TOGETHER!

Sushi Cushion Pillow from Amazon – $19.89

Amazon has all sorts of cute food centric pillows (macarons, donuts, half eaten donuts!) but goddamn, this one is the cutest:

Everything from the YES STYLE K-beauty selection (99% of things are under $15)

I just discovered YES STYLE (probably a little late to the game on account of not being Korean or a teenage girl), and since I don’t have a 5’3″, 100 pound body – my focus has been primarily on their beauty pages, where ONE SIZE FITS ALL. And it is a wonderland of affordable sheet masks, gel cleansers, collagen eye patches, lip colors called Pony Effect and more. Put something from there on your face and rest it on your sushi pillow.

Pretzel Studs – $11 from J.Crew Factory (currently 50% extra off with EVENBETTER code, according to my inbox)

While wearing food on your ears is a questionable choice 99% of time, there is something very elegant (even timeless) about these very cheap pretzel twists. We approve.

 A weekend at Hotel Man Repeller – $606 for a private room

Man Repeller women are taking over NYC’s Freehand hotel April 6-8 for the ultimate Girls Night In (A Hotel) Weekend. Apparently there will be happy hours, “MR-led cheesy-but-in-a-good-way double-decker bus tour of our favorite places in the city”, opt-in wellness (our favorite kind of wellness), swag, and more. So unnecessary in your life, it is probably necessary. Bonus: if you want to do things cheaper and don’t mind compromising your sleeping conditions (which people under the age of 30 are usually ok with) – there’s double, triple, and quadruple rooms.

Membership to the Wing ($200-$250) a month

The women’s only co-working/social club is coming to Georgetown (and opening its 3rd location in NY) in the next month or two and WHILE IT IS AN INVESTMENT, it does have a spa-effect on us just thinking about it, which I think (THINK!) means we are worth it. A solid alternative to feeling a part of it without cutting into your rent budget: literally anything from their Gift Shop

and that’s all – see you all next week for, likely, a substantially LESS pink selection.