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You deserve nice, cool things. We all do. So, every week one of the BYT editors will share what’s on top of their wish list right now so you know what it is we are coveting right now, and you can covet it as well (or even buy it). Simple as that.

It’s my dog’s world and I’m just living in it. Feeding her, walking her and having her bathed because I don’t know how to express her anal glands…so this Wish List is for her!  – Jenn Tisdale

  1. Custom Renaissance Pet Portraits Cell Phone Case – $49.99

This combines two things I love in this world, my dog (Lorraine Baines McFly) and the Renaissance. I think I would request an Anne Boleyn inspired case because even though she was the first queen to lose her head she birthed England’s greatest monarch. I’d like to think Lorraine could be the sassy temptress of a king if she wasn’t spayed.

  1. Sound Wave Art – $35.00

Sure, it’s very annoying when your dog barks or howls every time someone dares to walk by your apartment because she’s convinced someone is trying to break in and eat her food. I long ago gave up the idea that Lorraine was protecting me because every time she hears a noise in the hallway she runs over to her food bowl and eats everything in it. However if you can capture that glorious yet horrifying noise, you can have it memorialized in this print of its sound wave. How cute is this? And who knows what they were actually saying. I hope I have Lorraine screaming “Come in here and eat my food and I’ll cut you,” forever hanging on my wall.

  1. Pet Stroller – $229.99

Traveling with a pet can be stressful on everyone involved. Lorraine shakes every time we get near the car which is crazy because she only goes two places…my house or my mom’s house where she is fed nonstop cheese. That only requires her sitting on my lap but I occasionally bring her on the Metro because she’s a service dog (wink). With a stroller I don’t have to shove her into a weird suitcase with just enough air to breathe and I think she’ll feel better if she can see what’s going on. Also I want to trick people into thinking I have an actual baby when I have something better: Lorraine.

  1. Ruby Rufus Dog Clothes – $Various

This is a British dog clothing company and as we all know the British do everything better except food.

  1. World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Sonoma, CA – Travel + Hotel + Tickets = $$$

There is of course no such thing as an ugly dog. All these babies are beautiful in their own special weird errant tooth way. I think this would be a great trip for Lorraine and I to take together so she can bond with some other dogs (she could never enter this contest) and I can use her new stroller to take us to wine country.

That’s all. For this week.