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You deserve nice, cool things. We all do. So, every week one of the BYT editors will share what’s on top of their wish list right now so you know what it is we are coveting right now, and you can covet it as well (or even buy it). Simple as that. This go-round we’ve got Megan Burns, BYT NYC Editor, who feels a little weird about this because she’s minimalist AF! She’s going to tell you mostly about practical, potentially unexciting things that she likes! The theme is travel because she has ye olde wanderlust! Okay! Onwards and upwards to Primavera Sound tickets, murdered out toothbrushes and more!


I really don’t consider myself a festival person, but the combined factors of 1. Primavera Sound taking place in Spain and 2. the dope lineup = a rare loophole in which I find myself REALLY WANTING TO GO! The dates are May 30th to June 3rd, and the full festival ticket clocks in at (on this day in exchange rates, anyway) $264.34. Divided by five, that’s not a bad deal! Plus the lineup includes personal favorites Bjork, John Maus, Ariel Pink, Kero Kero Bonito, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Black Madonna, Arca, Beach House, Lykke Li…I mean, the list goes on and on and on. PLUS, I REPEAT – IT IS IN SPAIN! In terms of getting there, the cheapest flights I found so far were a nonstop United/Lufthansa trip out of Newark for $468, a $690 WOW trip out of BWI (with a ten hour layover in Iceland), and an $885 Air Canada trip out of O’Hare (with a ten hour layover in Toronto). I live in NYC, so based on that I would be more inclined to snap up a < $500 flight than I would in, say, our other BYT cities. BUT, it never hurts to pop a price tracker on Google Flights to see if you can squeak away with something cheaper!

2. Cotopaxi Nazca 24L Canvas Overnight Travel Duffel Bag, Backpack + Suitcase – $139.95

I am in desperate need of a new backpack AND a new travel bag, which is why I think this one by Cotopaxi is so genius – it’s essentially three bags in one (as you may have gathered from the product name), so you’ve got the flexibility to choose how you want to use it. If I could choose to use a hands-free backpack or shoulder bag every time, I totally would. But I’ll be honest with you, I sweat a fuck ton in the summertime (any climate above 55-degrees F, really), so being able to carry this like a suitcase instead is CRUCIAL for maintaining freshness and sanity in long haul travel situations. Plus I think it just looks cool. Very much in my aesthetic wheelhouse.

3. OuterEQ Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock – $19.99

I’m admittedly not a big camper, but last September I was going for a walk in Bed-Stuy and saw a girl in one of these things in front of her brownstone – she’d hooked it up between a street sign and a tree, and was just lying in it reading a book. (Don’t worry, I totally stopped to tell her she was a genius, and she thoroughly agreed with me.) I haven’t been able to get this out of my head for months, and would love to just shove this in my backpack whenever I’m out for a walk or traveling or etc., just in case the opportunity arose to chillax to the max in style, with ease.

4. ALYN I Outdoor Solar Power Bank I – $17.99

Walking around for very long periods of time is like, kind of my thing. First of all, it’s a free mode of transport. It’s also a great way of seeing a city (even one you call home), gives you ample time to listen to music or podcasts, is good exercise, and (for me, most importantly) is V. MEDITATIVE! But sometimes I desperately need to charge my phone and/or my camera on said long walks, especially if I’m on a remote-ish hike and/or am in a place I don’t know all that well. Enter the solar charger! Yes, I know there are portable chargers you can juice up at home, but I frequently forget to plug them in, so I end up with literal dead weight. This seems incredibly practical, and at under $20, a worthwhile investment.


5. Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush, Set of Two – $17.95

Not gonna lie, I already have a stockpile of these in my medicine cabinet, but I can never have too many! I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic or whatever, but I just feel like my teeth enjoy the heck outta charcoal bristles. (Murdered out toothbrushes also look tight as hell!) Nothing peps me up after an overnight flight more than fresh breath, so these are a must-have for any/all travel situations. And of COURSE I’m bringing a backup, hence the two-pack.

That’s all. For this week.