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You deserve nice, cool things. We all do. So, every week one of the BYT editors will share what’s on top of their wish list right now so you know what it is we are coveting right now, and you can covet it as well (or even buy it). Simple as that.

Kicking things off: Svetlana, BYT co-founder

1. Olivia Locher’s I FOUGHT THE LAW (a book, a sweet $10.37 on Amazon)

America is filled with ridiculous laws and photographer Olivia Locher channeled that ridiculousness into this gorgeous, slim tome. in which we 43 of the most insane crimes one could commit these days in America (from serving wine in teacups in Kansas to licking a toad in Kentucky or perming a child’s hair in Nebraska, they’re all there). Being an outlaw never looked quite so good.

  1. KEEP GOING tote bag – $18 at EveryTown.com

I know we all have TOO MANY tote bags but we should make room for this one. Why?
a. 2018 is all about that keep on keepin’ on vibe (if 2017 didn’t kill us, it made us stronger)
b. Gun control is very important and therefore EveryTown.com is a good place to spend your $18
c. I love anything and everything with a bodega aesthetic

  1. Color Rimmed Letter set – $13.60 at Uguisu Store

I need nothing and want EVERYTHING at Uguisu. There is a built in elegance to their Japanese paper products though that make me definitely feel like they would be a wise investment. Plus, you never know when you’re going to need to write a real letter to someone.

  1. Dandelion Cube – $45 from Garmentory

Because it is cold and about to be snowy and owning this is kind of like owning a preserved snowflake. Do you need any more reasons?

  1. Everything in this “Outfits to wear at home if you hate sweatpants” story on Manrepeller. Lets make 2018 the year of the caftan. And the mohair sweater. And the palm tree earring. And the opaque tights with silk slipper combo. It is high time. I’ll just throw this Meryl-Streep-in-Caftan image from The Post in here, just because:


That’s all. For this week.