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Per a handful of websites that list these sort of things, today is apparently National Get Gnarly Day. What better way to celebrate gnardom than by wastefully spending on totally extreme things you don’t need???? Let’s get into it!

White Anatomical Heart Tiki Mug – £37.50

I’ve been getting really into making tiki drinks at home. You throw like five or six things into a shaker and all of the sudden it tastes like you’re drinking something you paid $14 at an overcrowded cocktail joint. There are plenty of novelty tiki drinks out there, but what could be more gnarly than drinking out of an anatomically correct heart shaped glass? Nothing. Plus you have to order it from the UK. Very gnarly shipping situation, surely.

Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights – $42

This 3LP box set of eccentric tropicalia from the reissue gods at Numero Group features over two hours of exotica jams to keep your summer party vibey as hell. So gnarly.


Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 – $150

Get real gnarly in the kitchen with highest level offering of the new gadget do jour of 2018, the Instant Pot. Part slow cooker, part pressure cooker, ALL GNAR.

Nintendo Switch – $300

I was walking around Target recently and when passing the Electronics department, I thought for a moment about how great it would be if I just bought a Nintendo Switch and spent the rest of the Summer gaming. I’m not going to do it, but like, how great would it be to just shirk all responsibility and just play video games for the foreseeable future?

Prynt Pocket – $150

Turn yer iPhone into a Polaroid with this gnarly little gadget that prints nice little photos directly from your phone. Sorry, The Cloud, we’re going back to physical photo albums in 2018.