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Music Festival season is here in full force and boy is it a struggle to stay enthused. I’m going to Pitchfork Fest next weekend and would love some nice accessories to help make the experience less of a loud, sweaty endurance test.

Butt T-Shirt – $15

Sure you ostensibly go to a music festival to see a bunch of bands outside and get all drunk and stuff, but also, you go to get photographed by one of the dozens of fashion photographers who are there to capture the hottest in Festival Looks. What better way to get spotted by the New York Times than by grabbing a t-shirt from my friends in the LA-based sketch comedy duo Butt. It’s modeled after a classic Devo design and says “Butt” on it.

Binocktails Bev-Brush Paddle Brush Secret Flask – $19

It’s hard to get and keep a buzz goin at a festival. Drinks are expensive and the lines are loooooong. If only there was a better way!!!!! What if there was a way to smuggle in some of your own stuff while keeping your hair nice and tamed, care of this hairbrush that doubles as a flask!

Dizaul Solar Phone Charger – $24

Nobody’s battery lasts a whole day anymore, right? Mine doesn’t and spare outlets are hard to come by at big open air nightmares like music fests. Imagine harnessing the power of the sun to keep your phone charged all day long! I’m tempted to try out one of these rugged as hell solar phone charger babies this year.

Inflatable Outdoor Air Lounger Couch – $26

Man what if I became one of those guys who ring those big inflatable couch things to outdoor events? I might. Just absolutely relax all day long instead of standing up at ALL during anything.

Sitpack – $55

Big flowy neon blue pillow a little too ostentatious for you? I get it. Consider this very humble, modest portable stool and sort of lean/sit while not drawing too much attention to yourself during the Parquet Courts set.