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I don’t buy a lot of things for myself. My place is reasonably sized but it definitely feels full, and, in general, I feel like I’ve got enough stuff. Why buy a new thing if the thing you’re replacing isn’t broken?, I ask myself. I don’t know when I became one of these people, but here we are.

When asked to put something together for this week’s wish list, I found myself thinking modestly at first, before letting my imagination run semi-wild. It was hard to shake the “want” vs. “need” impulse, but I made it happen. Here are five things that I want to buy that you might also appreciate/consider buying! You’re worth it!

Smith’s Mini Mason Jar Set

OK, so starting off small and reasonable. I try to bring lunch most days, and always mean to bring more salads but the market for tiny little containers for dressing is a bleak one. The plastic ones we bought a few years ago have been leaky for ages, which is all the excuse I need to not bring lunch for the day. Enter the Smith’s 2oz mason jars, with a screw-top lid for maximum anti-spill protection. It’s a small thing that, in all honesty, I impulse bought while writing this. No more stained tote bags for this young man!

Stainless steel gourmet citrus juicer

In an attempt to save money on going out for fancy cocktails, my girlfriend and I have started to get way into making tiki drinks at home. Tiki drinks usually call for freshly squeezed juice from at least one citrus, if not more. Our paltry plastic juicer that was a stocking stuffer six years ago isn’t cutting it any more, and again, full disclosure, I up and bought this fella while putting this whole thing together. I’m gonna juice everything forever and spend the rest of 2018 getting loaded on daiquiris.

Ikea Satsumas plant stand

My main job just moved offices, setting me up in a nice workspace with a few windows and everything. My office mate and I have since spent the last few weeks filling the area with plants, stopping by Home Depot or whatever on the way in with another nice little surprise. There’s an empty spot on the wall just to my left where this extremely reasonably priced plant stand would go perfectly and I just might take the plunge before the day’s over.

Ryan Duggan’s Treasury of Shitting Dogs print series

Chicago-based artist Ryan Duggan has designed some of my favorite concert posters of all time; his clean, cartoonish style draws inspiration from classic hand-drawn advertisements and vintage magazine covers, with a dash of toilet humor occasionally sprinkled on top. His POV is best summarized by his ongoing Treasury of Shitting Dogs series, which features detailed, pastoral scenes charmingly defiled by a dog taking a dump somewhere in the foreground. The walls in this new office are looking pretty bare, maybe I should pick up a couple of these extremely limited prints before they inevitably sell out!

Image of TSD2 - Low Tide at the Seaside

FORM: Arcosanti passes

The music festival bubble is probably a year or two away from a big old burst, so why not enjoy the more idiosyncratic ones while they last? FORM: Arcosanti boasts a unique concept: a popup “intentional community” type deal in the middle of the Arizona desert, and a fabulous lineup, featuring Grouper, Julianna Barwick, Jenny Hval, and Chance The Rapper to name a few (Skrillex will also be there). What if I bought a pair of tickets for me and my nice girlfriend and we ventured out into the wilds next month to enjoy this vibey semi-Burning Man looking happening?