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Welcome back to another round of the column where we tell you to buy stuff! This week it’s ya gurl Megan Burns again (you know, the minimalist who is not entirely sure how to write this thing). Sandra Oh just made history as the first woman of Asian descent to be Emmy-nominated for best lead actress! And since today is her birthday, we’re gonna doubly-celebrate her by making the shopping theme all about KILLING EVE! (It is my favorite TV show of all time, you guys. If you haven’t jumped on the binge bandwagon, do it.) Yes it is going to be heavy on the Villanelle merch, but I mean, Eve (Sandra Oh) is obsessed with her and SO AM I:

Killing Eve, Season 1 – $1.99 per episode, $19.99 for complete season on Amazon

It would only make sense to start with the obvious choice, aka purchasing the first season of Killing Eve to be able to watch it ALL THE TIME! I have a YouTube TV subscription, so I already have on-demand access to all of the episodes via BBC America. “Well then why is this on your wish list, Megan?” BECAUSE! I AM TRYING TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND I NEED YOU TO WATCH SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT!

Luke Jennings’ Codename Villanelle – $18.97 on Amazon

As you may be aware, Killing Eve is based on Luke Jennings’ novella series. I am definitely aware of this fact, but I haven’t read any of the four stories yet! So I think we should just do it, since they’re very conveniently compiled in the hardback Codename Villanelle!

Sandra Oh T-Shirt – $21.93 on Etsy

I mean, we gotta give props to our girl amirite?! Show your Sandra Oh pride ultra-prominently with this v. good T-shirt!

Villanelle Perfume Bottle Enamel Pins – $11.99 each on Etsy

Once you’ve watched the show, you’ll know how much Villanelle loves her some quality (sometimes poisonous) parfum, and these enamel pins are TOO CUTE I CANNOT STAND IT!

Villanelle Perfume – starting at €150 via Kamila Aubre

And how’s about we follow those cuties up with ACTUAL (sort of) Villanelle perfume?! A Belgian-based perfumer named Kamila Aubre happens to manufacture a scent titled Villanelle, and while there’s technically no relation between the scent and the TV show, I still think this would look pretty badass to have sitting atop your vanity. It’ll set you back some heavy bucks, but wouldn’t Villanelle want it that way?

Take Me To The Hole T-Shirt – $40 on RedBubble

Oh. My. God. That moment where Villanelle yells “TAKE ME TO THE HOLE!” in S1E6 is like, probably one of my favorites from the whole series so far. As a result, this T-shirt (in addition to being aesthetically SO GOOD) is the most perfect thing I have ever seen.

(And this one is pretty good, too // also $40 from the same vendor.)