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I fully understand that it is barely (not even) April, and that 90% of our WISH LIST columns involve wishing for nice weather/summer stuff,  but such is life. Personally, I am driven mainly by two things:

  • my constant desire to do as much as possible most of the year
  • and my constant  desire to do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE for about a month during said year

On that note, I just bought my plane tickets to my annual evacuation-vacation in Montenegro (the only place I ever vacationed in my life), and promptly decided to spend what little free time and fun money I had on new things to wear/read/think about while there.

Here’s what’s making the cut (so far):

TANGERINE by Christine Mangan (out now, you can buy the book anywhere where cool books are sold)

I have not read this book so I don’t feel comfortable telling you if it is ACTUALLY good, but Joyce Carol Oates (who I tend to trust) has and she described it as: “As if Donna Tartt, Gillian Flynn, and Patricia Highsmith had collaborated on a screenplay to be filmed by Hitchcock—suspenseful and atmospheric.” Did you read that? Did you see this goddamn cover? How could you not be in?

THIS WHOLE SITUATION – &OtherStories ($95 + $110)

&OtherStories is one of my favorite places to go online, not because the clothes were cut for 6’1″ European women (though they are, and I thank them for it) but also because the styling game is so RIGHT. Case in point: this dress is great, and I love the color and it would be awesome over a swimsuite or just some summer jeans. The red pants are also great and I love the color and they would be amazing with any top and some killer statement earrings. But put them together and OMG – it is a showstopper.

LOU & GREY – Fringe Candy Top ($69.50)

It has been a while since I’ve had a completely visceral “I MUST HAVE THIS” reaction to a piece of clothing, but this colorful, lightweight, somehow very cool but also polished top made me think just that. Now, logically, I am aware that this mini fringe thing is a potential recipe for disaster for someone like me (ie. someone who doesn’t own an iron or has a fringe maintenance strategy) but I WANT IT SO MUCH.

COOL Sunglasses – Ban.do ($15)

Whatever, I know I am 37. I know I have something from Ban.Do every time it is my turn to do the wish list. I am dealing with it and you should be able to do the same. I also like these hibiscus ones.

SEZANE X G.KERO large pouch in Super Sex Bomb Print ($30)

Because you seriously don’t need anything else to carry your lipbalm and mini sunscreen (and sunglasses, and face mist and sea-salt spray and money, I guess…) in this summer