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I like having very specific style goals. I like taking things that are not goth and making them goth. That’s why I’m focusing all my time and energy into dressing like a goth Fran Fine. The Nanny has been a source of outfit inspiration for years (damn that woman could wear a miniskirt), but it’s time to take it to the next level.

P.S. All of these screenshots were pulled from What Fran Wore. It’s the best account on Instagram.

Black Turtleneck Bodysuit by ASOS – $26

Fran was the master of styling turtlenecks. She’d pair black ones with bright miniskirts, throw them under tight, low cut dresses or rock bright magenta versions. To emulate her look, we’re going to go with this simple bodysuit style from ASOS. Fran’s turtlenecks were impeccable tailored, so we want to minimize any bunching or lines.

Frisky Kitty Leopard Skirt by Dolls Kill – $25.60

Fran never met a leopard print she didn’t love, so our outfit has to include a dash of her favorite pattern. This skirt checks off a lot of the Fran boxes, it’s tight, it’s short and it has a print that will make you standout in a room full of C.C.s and Niles’.

Alethea Belt by Creepyyeha – $225

Now it’s time to goth things up. In honor of this killer outfit and its head turning gold chain belt, we’re going to throw on this industrial, yet delicate belt by Creepyyeha. You can go for gold toned hardware if you want to stay more true to Fran’s style, but I would personally stick with silver. I think it adds more edge. Alternatively, the Uri belt is a little cheaper at $120 and a little less in your face.

Clear O Ring Choker on Amazon – $15

Our girl didn’t wear a ton of jewelry, but when she did, she seemed to stick with surprisingly subtle pieces that wouldn’t overwhelm her eye catching outfits. I think this choker would look divine over a black turtleneck. Sexy and goth-y, but not too wild.

Mini Choker Bag ($475) OR Pentagram Handbag ($650) by Zana Bayne

That flashy girl from Flushing was not above the occasional statement bag, but instead of pairing our truly killer outfit with some old school Moschino, I’d go with one of these stunning bags from Zana Bayne. I’ve been lusting after the pentagram bag for what feels like years now, but the mini choker bag is also a definite winner. You can never have too much leopard print.