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It’s almost Fall. It’s warm now, but for how long?? Here are some fun as hell things to help you get all the way in the mood for Autumn.

Shudder subscription – $4.99/month.

This one’s cheap/easy/low stakes enough that it will probably go from my wish list to real life in like, the next few days. Fall means Halloween means scary movies every night straight to the dome. There appears to be tons of rad options on this niche Roku channel. Let’s make it happen!

America’s Test Kitchen’s The Complete Slow Cooker – $17.62

Fall is the beginning of Slow Cooker season. Let’s go deep on some wild dishes that magically turn into dinner after you dump a bunch of stuff into a hot machine when you leave for work in the morning. Love 2 cook slowly!

Southern Tier Pumking Ale 5 Gallon Keg – $128.99

Let’s go all the way in on the best pumpkin beer in the game, the Southern Tier Pumking Ale. Make room in the fridge for this big boy and just go wild. Invite friends over (or don’t!) and get real pumpkined out.

Vintage 1981 hand painted double E.T. Mug – $28

Okay so E.T. is an extremely autumnal film. There’s no better vessel to sip on some cider or the aforementioned pumpkin beer than a handmade vintage E.T. Mug that someone apparently made in 1981 (even though the movie didn’t come out until June of 1982????).