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I know everyone says their dog is really cute, but my dog is really cute. And if you don’t believe me, here are 72 pictures to prove to you wrong. Did I mention that my dog has an extra toe? Isn’t he just the cutest? Anyway, here are some of the best things to buy your dog for the doggiest days of summer. Because I definitely have an Amazon account for my pup.

Dog Water Bottle, $12.99

Dogs need to stay hydrated too. This bottle has a cute little bowl attached for your dog to drink out of. Plus it comes in nice colors.

Max-Bone Ethan Dog Bow Tie, $45.00

Did you know Saks has a pet section? Well, it does.

BarkBox, starts at $21.00/month

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for super cute dog toys and all-natural treats. Each month has a different theme like “Knights of the Hound Table” or “Chewrassic Bark.” Do dogs actually hate mail-people? I’m not sure, but if so BarkBox can probably help with that.

Dog Feeder Station, $192.22

I have a neighbor who cooks for her dog every day. His poops are amazing. I really wish I could also make my dog home-cooked meals, because, seriously, who knows what goes into dog food?  Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that (maybe because I’m too busy writing articles about all the things I want to buy my dog). So for those of us who have to settle for dog food, this makes it a little bit easier.

If you do have the time to cook for your dog, here is a Dog Cookbook, $16.96

Dog Raincoat, $17.99

My dog hates the rain. Maybe this would help. At the least it might keep away the wet dog smell.

Alternatively, here is an Umbrella Leash, $16.50

And Finally, Bad Dog Tumblers, $35.00

Because you deserve a treat too.

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