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I have been trying to read and think less about internet and engage more with people and art and feelings and paper recently but, then, who are we trying to kid here? So uh, what did I read this week?


No one in this whole world loves TV or throwback emotions more than our very own Jenn Tisdale. This week, she has two perfectly-in-her-wheelhouse content beauties for your consideration: a liberal woman’s love for the remake of Roseanne (in the face of all that Trump backlash). Some of the smartest, funniest women in TV (Whitney Cummings, Morgan Murphy, Wanda Sykes) are writing the remake’s scripts and it shows. Plus, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalfe are national treasures. Give the show a chance, it may surprise you.

And then her sit-down (phone-down?) with Boy Meets World’s Will Friedle (who is in town this weekend for Awesome Con)

As I type this your instagram feed is about to be completely taken over by photos of the No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man exhibition at Renwick. Do yourself a favor and read this great interview with Nora Atkinson, the gallery’s curator of Craft (not the witchy kind). The photos are amazing too.

And finally, we spent March visiting women artists in the area, and the latest edition of Inside The Artist Studio with Maggie O’Neill is just as amazing and energizing as the rest. Thank you for being you, all of you.

PLUS WE DID PARTICIPATE IN THE GENERAL NEWS CYCLES: Photos of the Marches this past weekend, Baseball Thoughts and SO MUCH MORE.


Not on BYT

Lets ask ourselves some hardish-to-hardest questions:

Not On Internet

I am reading The Idiot by Elif Batuman and it is a terrific, funny, sad, deeply-thought-out-and-about coming of age story on the cusp of the internet era and everyone should take a chance on it. One of the characters is named Svetlana, but don’t hold that against it.

And that is all from me this week. Thank you for being here.