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It’s slightly less hot today. That’s good. The work week was short too. So that’s good. We still published a lot of stuff that may make your weekend better.


Our Nat Geo party is in two weeks. You have more than enough time to purchase a 90s prom dress.

It’s September. Have Your Best September. September is better than August.

It’s September. Drink better beer. BYT resident beer expert Phil Runco picks his favorite beer events this month, which we’ve already made clear is better than August.

NYC editor Megan Burns went to a US Open match. The woman next to her brought a bag of Indian food to eat during the US Ope. That is a baller move.

We saw Mac DeMarco and Miguel at The Anthem. They did not share a bill. It was two nights apart.

We don’t usually include movie reviews in this space but we don’t usually give a movie a 4% review. Jennifer Garner deserves better.

Image result for jennifer garner gif

The next entry in our Gender Bender of the Week series is Christeene. It’s a nightmare. It’s intentional.

The next entry in our Dream Jukebox series is V.V. Lightbody. It’s not a nightmare.

We asked Harold Schechter why true crime. See Harold November 4 at our True Crime Fest.

Zoo Uncorked is next week. We’re giving away some tickets to Zoo Uncorked.

Mixtape says goodbye after 10 years. Listen to our most recent BYT Radio with Mixtape’s Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer.

Not on BYT

I read Samantha Irby’s Meaty in 2013. I’m re-reading the reissue that came out earlier this year. You should too. If you’re on this site you’ll most likely enjoy Irby’s work.

The first issue of Daniel Kibblesmith’s Lockjaw is now available on Marvel Unlimited. If you’re not sure about comics but love dogs and know that all dogs are good dogs, give Lockjaw a chance. He’s a big, good dog.

Image result for lockjaw number 1

The New York Times recent Cher interview is a good look at the legend we barely know.

Your long read for the weekend should be “Judging by the Cover: How the Magazine Industry’s Identity Crisis Is Playing Out on Its Front Page” on The Ringer.