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We’re very close to it being the weekend, which is nice. Here are a bunch of things to point your eyes at until the time comes that you can leave the office for a few days, written both in house here at BYT and elsewhere on the internet.

Also if I can suggest listening to the new Noname mixtape, Room 25, which hits your favorite streaming service today. It’s very good.


We wrote up a bunch of fun activities for you to do in DC, DC (gay), Chicago, and NYC. You probably live in one of those places, maybe?

LA comic/writer/performer Bridger Winegar was our Funny Human of the Week. I followed him on Twitter recently and am glad I did.

Riot Fest is this weekend in Chicago, and like any super-packed music fest lineup, there are a lot of conflicts. We weighed in on some of the more intense spots of scheduling congestion.

Have you been to Baltimore? You should go! It’s nice! Here are some tips on where to go/what to do once you’re there!

We chatted with photographer/interesting person Gemina Garland-Lewis.

Speaking of interviews with cool people, here’s a talk with Eleanor Friedberger!

Cynthia Nixon did not win the primary last night, but she still rules. What doesn’t rule is her weird bagel order at a NYC bagel spot recently: a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, lox, tomatoes, red onions and capers. Wild stuff. You know we had to try one.

Not on BYT

Vulture’s profile of John C. Reilly is, of course, great.

The Ringer wrote 3,000 words on Murphy Brown. Hell yeah.

Rolling Stone released an oral history of the landmark Judgement Night soundtrack, which was arguably the high watermark for the overlap between rap and hard rock music.

Even if you’re not a comedian yourself, this article about the dire need for workers in the comedy industry to unionize is worth a read.

The always-rad Juxtapoz Magazine posted a chat with visual artist/musician Dylan England that was a blast to read/look at.

The Takeout gave up and embraced pumpkin beers.

Buzzfeed took a deep dive on the continued presence of White Supremacy communities on Reddit.

Gawker is coming back. I hope it doesn’t suck!

Stereogum looked back at the first-ever Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, which was published 30 years ago this week. What a strange collection of songs!!

This genre of tweet will never not delight me: