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Everything is a pop-up bar or feels like a pop-up bar. We live in a pop-up bar.


Have you been to our pop-up bar?

Have you been to the Beetlejuice pop-up bar?

Beetlejuice McClellan's Retreat

Have you been to the Stephen King pop-up bar?

Steven King Bar Preview-6523

Have you been to the bar that’s not a pop-up bar that feels like a pop-up bar?

Destination Wedding Bar-67

There isn’t a pizza themed pop-up bar. But it is National Pizza Month so we published our Best Pizza in DC guide.

Our comedy fest is next week. Spend the rest of the day watching videos of Bentzen Ball performers on YouTube.

Our true crime fest is the week after next. Read our chat with Criminal’s Phoebe Judge. She’ll be at the fest.

Look at some NSFW photos from the Fetish Ball.

If you’re going to read one piece (besides this because how else would you be reading this if you weren’t reading this?) on BYT this week please read our interview with Whitman-Walker’s Robin Thomas.

Not on BYT

I’m watching Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix and really like it. I’ve ordered the book it’s based on because I’m an easily influenced stereotype. You can order it too!

Somewhat related, I’m going to make this garlic broth and reek of garlic because I love the smell of garlic and I’m an easily influences stereotype of an Italian.

Final food related note, I’m finishing Ruth Reichl’s second memoir/cookbook, Comfort Me with Apples. Picked it up from Idle Time Books. I’m letting you know this because Idle Time Books is a fine store to pick up books (shocker!) and gifts. Books are the best gifts (wow, what a helpful tip I’ve never considered!).

If you’re looking for a reason to believe everyone is a creep, make “Inside The Mind of a Voyeur” from Toronto Life your longread of the weekend.

If you’re looking for more reasons to believe everyone is a creep, read Gay Talese’s 2016 book The Voyeur’s Motel.

If you’re looking for a reason to believe everyone is a creep and untrustworthy fame seekers, watch the 2017 documentary Voyeur.